KathleenLights x ColourPop Are Teaming Up Again

ColourPop Cosmetics has been completely killing it lately with new products, and it looks like they're not stopping anytime soon. According to social media hints, Kathleen Fuentes is collaborating ColourPop Cosmetics again, and a new product might be on the way soon. How soon? The social media hints are pointing to sometime this month, so get those wallets ready. UPDATE: The vlogger tweeted to confirm that the collaboration would launch on July 12.

EARLIER: When YouTubers and beauty companies combine forces, beautiful things happen. Just look at Laura Lee x Violet Voss or Jaclyn Hill x Becca and you'll see exactly what I mean. Fuentes isn't a stranger to collabs either. She's teamed up with ColourPop four other times in the past to create eyeshadows and lip products, and each time they've been best-sellers.

Now, if all signs are what the seem, it looks like the beauty vlogger is coming back with yet another lip product collab. Nothing has officially been announced yet, but she's been dropping some major hints. First, she started talked about how Aquarius was the best shade that she's created with the brand so far. Then she specifically talked about how she had lip products that she "couldn't talk about for the majority of the month" in her June favorites video. As if that weren't already enough, she then posted to Twitter that ColourPop would have a new product out soon. I smell a collab!

There's no telling for sure what the new launch will be though. She hinted that the lip product would be a late July release, and the recent Twitter clue seems like the product will be out sooner than that. However, in her first clue she said that she was working on some things — plural! So who knows what ColourPop could have in store for us this month.

I am not too proud to admit that ColourPop has ruled my wallet lately. They've come out with Ultra Metallic Lips, tie-dye highlighters, and even mini glosses in June alone. The company is growing so fast that people's wallets are having a hard time keeping up. Oh, and as if their products weren't already bestsellers already, they're expanding to international shipping too.

Whatever it is that's coming out, I'm willing to bet it will be fabulous. Here's the full video where she drops the hint, so you can analyze the clues for yourself.

Get those wallets ready, people! Something great is definitely on the way.