These Photos Of Nicole & Michelle From 'Big Brother 18' Show Why Everyone Thinks They're Related

Season 18 of Big Brother is rife with familiar faces. Returning houseguests and siblings of former houseguests populate the halls of the house this summer, but one pair caused a double-take that ended up being nothing more than a coincidence. Because they look so familiar, many fans (and some houseguests) began to wonder if Michelle and Nicole from Big Brother 18 are related. While despite their similarities the two are not related, fans still get to see them form a bond that could make them as close as sisters. In fact, there have been several instances in the house already where the two would be indiscernible were it not for Michelle's brown hair.

As if looking similar wasn't enough, Michelle and Nicole's personalities are alike as well. They both come across as nice, friendly women who can be equal parts charming and awkward. And as if that wasn't enough, they both work in health industries. Michelle works as a nutritionist, and Nicole is employed as an ER Nurse. So while the two houseguests aren't actually related by blood, they're "sisters" in other ways. Check out these photos and videos of Nicole and Michelle getting along the way only sisters could:

Buns & Glasses

These two never look more alike than when they're sporting matching buns and their glasses.

Log Ladies

Nicole and Michelle may be competing for $500,000 each, but that doesn't mean they won't take a break here and there to play simpler games.

Rockin' Yellow

Nicole and Michelle, as they are seen in the picture above, are easier to tell apart as Michelle has adapted her "baseball cap and no glasses" look. That doesn't mean that these two look any less like siblings here, especially when they're both donning similar shades of yellow.

Heart To Hearts

Before Michelle was a houseguest, she was a BB superfan which likely means she knew a lot about Nicole and Hayden's relationship, since it much of it unfolded on the show. While Michelle could've easily geeked out and asked some inappropriate questions, she instead formed a kinship with Nicole who eventually started sharing the heartbreaking truth about her and Hayden. Michelle still managed to find time for some more personal questions, though.

Pep Talk

In the truest act of sisterhood this season yet, Nicole gave Michelle a powerful talk about feeling confident in your own body and not allowing what others look like to make you doubt yourself. In a true sister move, Nicole lays it all out for Michelle and reminds her that she has no reason to be ashamed of her own appearance.

Nicole and Michelle may not actually be related, but being in the Big Brother house together creates a very unique type of family that never truly goes away. Hopefully this friendship will live on for a long time.

Image: CBS