7 Makeup Organizers Perfect For Your Dorm Room

by Alexa Dragoumis

The one thing I wish I learned to do in my college dorm was make the most out of my space. But admittedly, it can be tough when you're allotted one little dresser and you're living four feet away from your roommate. You often think about organizing your clothes and shoes all the time, but these makeup organizers are also perfect for your dorm room — and they'll give you a lot of storage for just a little bit of space.

Whether you choose to store your beauty products in your top drawer or on top of your dresser, there's an option for everyone. And in my humble opinion, if you need a shower caddy for your shampoo, why not have the perfect makeup organizer, too? Since I'm sure this is the last thought in your mind as you pack, I thought I'd point it out. Trust me, if you love your beauty products as much as I do, you'll be glad you threw one of these in your suitcase!

So, where can you find the perfect makeup organizer? Without further adieu, let's get down to the details. Here's a few options you'll love:

1. PBTeen Portable Makeup Station

PBTeen Portable Makeup Station, $13, pbteen

If you like clean and stylish, this handy little makeup station could be the perfect choice.

2. Jane Beauty Makeup Organizer

Jane Beauty Makeup Organizer, $29, pbteen

Like the first option, this is the perfect sit-out makeup organizer. Its stylish polka dots will add a cute accent to your room, while still serving its purpose with plenty of storage space.

3. Ikee Design Cosmetic Organizer With Mirror

Ikee Makeup Organizer, $29, Overstock

If you're looking for inexpensive and simple with tons of storage, this Ikee makeup case is perfection.

4. Sonia Kashuk Weekender Butterfly Case

Sonia Kashuk Weekender Butterfly Case, Target

Personally, I love something that doubles as an on-the-go bag. If you're going abroad, this one is an especially great option.

5. Bedside Storage Set

Ultimate Bedside Storage Set, $59, pbteen

This subtle, yet space effective set is perfect for a few extra palettes... and some eyeliner, too!

6. Improvements Rome Cosmetic Organizer

Improvements Rome Cosmetic Organizer, $50, Improvements Catalog

If you're newly off campus and looking for something you'll keep forever, this is the perfect choice.

7. Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer

Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer, $48, Macys

Not only does this serve as an on-the-go weekender, it also unravels to a door hanger storage set. Plus, who doesn't love a great Vera Bradley print?!

Trust me, it's worth the extra few dollars to organize your makeup. And depending on how much of a beauty guru you are, it may even save you a drawer or two.

Happy shopping!

Images: Courtesy of Brands