Buy Kardashian Beauty's Fierce Collection Here!

I can't think of a better way to spend a summer day than by shopping and scooping up some new makeup products that will undoubtedly slay! The Kardashian's Kardashian Beauty makeup line has an unbelievable new collection on deck. The Kardashian Beauty Fierce Collection features a new look and new products you will want to own and wear. There's nine lipstick bullets, liquid makeup, a contouring kit, a concealer, and a face kit. So, yeah, the Fierce Collection offers all the tools you need channel your inner Kourtney, Kim, or Khloe onto your outer visage. All of the Fierce products are crazy affordable and nothing costs over $20, which makes them an undeniable steal. They products will be available as soon as Friday, July 8, as well as in August. Where can you purchase the Kardashian Beauty Fierce Collection?

The products will be available exclusively via the Kardashian Beauty site, with is, as of July 8. The items will cruise into ULTA stores in August. If you can drag yourself away from the Kylie Cosmetics site, which is continuously stocking Lip Kits and more, grab some stuff from her sibs.

Here is a rundown of the new products that comprise the Fierce Collection. They clearly take inspo from the Kardashian sisters, who are known for their signature smoky eyes, statement lips, and bronzy glows.

No ApologiesFace Kit, $16.99, Kardashian Beauty

This "do everything" palette comes in three color options, boasting eight eyeshadows, a highlighter and a blush.

No Apologies Liquid Makeup, $12.99, Kardashian Beauty

This luxe liquid offers a satin finish. It contains something called "Chandelier Complex," which refracts light away from imperfections for an even glow. I look at that and I say, "YES!"

No Apologies Concealer, $8.99, Kardashian Beauty

Wait, there's more! The new Koncealer masks any blemishes and imperfections you are dealing with and is mega creamy, so you can blend without drying skin.

Kontour Kase, $15.99, Kardashian Beauty

The Kontour Kase is a multi-tasker meant for contouring, concealing, and highlighting. You can mix and match for a custom look. Usage tip: Contour with the deep shade. Conceal dark circles or other flaws with the middle shade. Highlight with the light shade!

Lip Slayer Lipstick, $9.99, Kardashian Beauty

Lastly, the Lip Slayer Lipsticks come in nine hydrating, pigment-packed shades. Plus, it's called Lip Slayer. Since Kardashian lips usually slay with awesomeness, the name makes sense. Mwah.

Bookmark the Kardashian Beauty site so you can shop upon launch. Or wait until they land at ULTA, so you can play with them in person. Then you can decide which shade options to purchase upon enjoying a little first-hand experience.

Images: Courtesy Kardashian Beauty (5)