The Wren & Rollins Brother Theory On 'Pretty Little Liars' Could Be True, According To Huw Collins

One of the many wonderful aspects about Pretty Little Liars is that fact that even if a character like Dr. Elliott Rollins has died, that doesn't mean his storyline has to necessarily be over, especially considering a.) how little we still know about him and b.) the manner in which he died, making the Liars actual killers. (Accidentally, of course.) During a recent interview with Bustle, actor Huw Collins opened up about his character's grim fate and how this will go on to impact the Liars from here on out. Oh, and he also reacted to the popular Pretty Little Liars theory that suggests Rollins and Wren are actually related or at least connected in some unexpected way — a concept that he himself would love to see played out.

"I would absolutely love that to be the case because I think Julian Morris is not only a wonderful actor, but he is an absolute sweetheart of a person," Collins shares. "If we got the chance to play evil buddies together, I think it would be a joyous occasion in my working life." However, it's still something that the actor can't outright confirm, though, he does understand why fans are making that possible assumption, given the reveal of Elliott's secret British accent and the suspicions that we've all had of Wren for quite some time.

"I know a lot of people have long suspected that Wren is a part of this bigger mystery," he says. "If he is then great and if Elliott is somehow in cahoots with him to play out evil deeds then I think all the better. I think it would be a wonderful part of the story."


And considering the fact that Rollins is now dead, it would be a perfect time to bring that element of his backstory to life since, according to Collins, someone could very well show up looking to avenge his death. "I'm very hopeful that at least one person tries to avenge his death, otherwise it will all be worth nothing," he teases. But he admits he'd love to somehow see his character rise up from the grave and avenge himself... which on this show isn't totally out of the question. "Who knows what could crop up from the past to enter the story going forward?" Could he maybe be referring to Wren?

Either way, the Liars still have a tough road ahead of them in light of this recent disaster, which Collins hints will lead to even more problems down the line. "There will definitely be a lot of repercussions for the Liars," he states. "The best way I can put it is, killing Rollins is not the only mistake they're going to make... It will be interesting to see the Liars reaction to killing Rollins and how they go about deciding their next steps and the ramifications of that."

In other words, hold onto your seats fellow PLL lovers. Things are only just getting started.

Images: Eric McCandless/Freeform; Giphy; prettylittleliars/Tumblr