The Universal Stages Of Grief Over Losing 'GoT'

As if finding out that there would only be two more seasons of Game of Thrones wasn't bad enough, now it is reported that good weather has delayed the filming and premiere date of Season 7, which needs darker, wintery settings. (Good weather being bad?! This would only happen to Game of Thrones.) While these weather issues on set of Game of Thrones will delay the inevitable end, which is sort of an upside, the truth is there is not much more time left to experience the epicness of Game of Thrones. With two more years of Game of Thrones left (give or take, depending on that pesky weather), any fan of the HBO show is inevitably going to have to come to terms with the fact that the end (like winter) is coming.

The time after the final Game of Thrones episode airs will surely be dark and full of terrors, but sometimes the anticipation of the end can be worse than the time you spend actually moving on. Now is the time that you're coming to the realization that Game of Thrones will be over before you know it, and I can guarantee that you're going to experience some of (if not all of) the universal five stages of grief — denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Sound familiar? Yeah, that's because I'm pretty sure you've been feeling all but one of those things (ahem, acceptance) ever since David Benioff and D.B. Weiss announced there would only be two (abbreviated!) seasons after the Season 6 finale.

I'm here to tell you that with over eight million viewers, you aren't alone in this pain. So let's go over all of the feelings you'll be dealing with now that there are officially only two more seasons of Game of Thrones left. Let's start with how all grieving starts — with the defense mechanism that is denial.

Stage 1: Denial

1. This Can't Be Happening

Maybe it's not set in stone! Maybe they could still make more episodes!

2. I Can Convince Benioff & Weiss To Change Their Minds

I think a strongly-worded letter will do just the trick.

3. I'm Totally Fine!

Guys, it's not a big deal that Game of Thrones is ending. Everything is cool.

4. Turn To Booze As A Distraction

It's what Tyrion would do.

5. Think About How Long Two Years Is

Two years is 730 days or 17,520 hours (and that's not even including the added delay time of Season 7!). That's a lot of time — you've got this.

Stage 2: Anger

6. But There Will Probably Only Be 13 Episodes In Those Two Years

Wait, I'll only have 13 hours of Game of Thrones out of 17,520 hours in those two years?! This is unacceptable! Where's Sansa?!

7. Begin Plotting Revenge Against Benioff & Weiss

Because, as Game of Thrones has taught all viewers, that always works out really well.

8. Throw A Temper Tantrum

Channel your inner Joffrey or Robin Arryn, but just know that you'll probably get slapped.

9. Do Something Reckless

Doing something ill-advised is the only way you'll feel better.

10. Lash Out On Reruns Of Game of Thrones

Nothing says grief like getting wine drunk and yelling at the TV.

Stage 3: Bargaining

11. What If HBO Makes The Show Without Benioff & Weiss?

You know deep down this would be a terrible idea, but that's how low you are.

12. Will The Lord Of Light Help Me Through This?

Hey, it worked for Jon.

13. What If Netflix Does A Reboot?

Netflix seems to revive everything! Maybe they'll do a reboot in a few years.

Stage 4: Depression

14. What's The Point Of Even Watching It Anymore?

Why should I continue to invest my time and emotions on a show that is leaving me?

15. Cry Nonstop

It's like how you felt after the Red Wedding — you'll never be happy again.

16. Watch All Six Seasons Again While In A Ball On The Couch

Don't forget the pint of ice cream.

17. Skip Work To Marathon Old Episodes

Surely they'd understand — your boss probably watches Game of Thrones too.

Stage 5: Acceptance

18. I Guess I'll Just Have To Read The Books

Whether you've read them all before or it will be your first time, you can seek solace reading George R.R. Martin's gory words — probably the first time anyone has ever equated Game of Thrones with comfort.

19. At Least I'll Have My Sunday Nights Back

Just imagine what a great Sunday night barbecue you'll be hosting with no regard to whether or not 9 p.m. is approaching in June 2019!

20. I'll No Longer Have To Live In Fear Of All Social Media

Did an event run long on Sunday night and the episode was spoiled for you? That won't happen anymore because Game of Thrones won't exist anymore!

21. Be Content In Knowing It's Not A Show That Went On For Too Long

Benioff and Weiss are ending the show while it's still good, which is admirable. Plus, it's gotta have a better ending than Lost or other beloved shows that dashed viewers' hopes, right? Right?!

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