Book Spoilers For 'Outlander' Season 3 Show 'Voyager' Brings More Trouble For Claire & Jamie

Outlander Season 2 is almost over. The show is following closely with the novels, adopting one book in the series per year. So, since that is the case, what spoilers for Outlander Season 3 from Voyager are there? Book 3 provides some exciting new adventures for the Starz series. There are definitely Outlander spoilers ahead, so ride the stones on out of here if you want to be surprised.

Season 2 took us to France and back. We also learned some troubling things about Claire and Jamie's future, and met their grown-up daughter Brianna. Voyager may leave France in the dust, but the drama keeps going. Next year, Season 3 should continue to take place in multiple decades. We got a taste of Claire's life in 1960s Boston in Season 2, but Voyager expands on that. Plus, Claire discovers that Jamie is not actually dead. I mean, you knew this was coming. While Claire believed Jamie to have died in the Battle of Culloden, she discovers with the help of Roger and Brianna that he survived.

So, while Season 1 was all about Claire and Jamie coming together, and Season 2 was all about learning how they were separated, Season 3 is bringing them back together again. Take them with a grain of salt, because the Starz series has license to make changes, but here are some more specific spoilers for the upcoming season of Outlander, based on the book that will inspire it.

Jamie Goes Off The Grid


Or, at least, the 18th century version of that. He's hiding from the British in the woods outside of his/his sister's house and goes down every so often to like, shave and stuff. Eventually, however, he is caught and sent to jail.

Everyone Is Still Obsessed With Jamie


At least two women and one man (Lord John Grey, who we met in Season 2) offer themselves to Jamie sexually. Why does this keep happening?! He also gets remarried to Laoghaire, that creepy girl from Season 1 who was obsessed with him, tried to curse Claire, and got her accused of witchcraft.

Claire & Jamie Do Finally Get Back Together


However, twenty years have passed for both of them. It's not ideal, but they make it work.

Off To New Shores!


A series of circumstances (which includes a kidnapping AND Geilis, Claire's fellow time-traveller) find Claire, Jamie, and wee Fergus on a boat to the West Indies. They "accidentally" acquire a slave and take him to Jamaica where he can be free and safe. They get involved in a murder mystery. Eventually, they are off to the colonies that we know and love as North America. That should be how Season 3 ends, with Season 4 open to even more possibilities...

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