This Razor Is Genius For People Who Travel & Here's Why — PHOTOS

The other day, I found an insane patch of hair on the back of my leg. The follicles were literally curling around themselves, and it looked like it hadn't seen a razor in months (I'm sorry, I know it's TMI, but I need you to understand how traumatizing it was.) And the worst part? I found this nasty little patch as I was walking into a Fourth of July party. Wearing a mini-skirt. With no shower or razor in sight. Now that I know about the rotating Sphynx travel razor, though, I will never, ever face such a horrific beauty mishap ever again.

The Sphynx, which is named after the hairless cat (haha, get it?!), is a rotating three-step shaving set that wets, lubricates and removes hair. It comes in a cute, discrete case that looks like an adorable makeup compact, and no one would ever know is a razor. Plus, it comes in multiple different colors.

The tiny contraption has three compartments that move around to meet all of your shaving needs. The first compartment is a small spray bottle that you can fill with water — it's small enough to fit through airport security which is a major bonus — and then use to wet the area you'd like to shave. Next, there's an all-natural shea butter moisturizer that helps with lubrication. Finally, theres a razor, which does what razors are supposed to do and gets rid of your unwanted hair.

Safe to say I am never leaving home without one of these little guys ever again.

Sphynx Travel Razor in "Pink Me Up," $15, Sphynx

Here's the super easy way to use the contraption that is pretty much going to change your life:

1. Spritz

It's pretty self explanatory, but uncap the tiny spray top and use it to squirt water the area that you want to shave.

2. Soap

Using the Shea Butter bar, moisten the hairy area thoroughly so that there is enough lubrication. It's basically a bar of soap, but at least is a lot less messy than the Skintimates shave gel you've had sitting in your shower since 1999.

3. Shave

The third and final head of the Sphynx is a razor and can be used to remove hair the way you normally would in the shower! The Sphynx comes with two replaceable razor heads, and more can be purchased separately once they've run out. Keep in mind that it is only a single blade, so probably won't give you as close of a shave as you're used to, but in an emergency it will definitely do the trick.

With this one tiny contraption, you can literally shave anywhere — including in the middle of a Fourth of July party. Throw it in your purse, gym bag, travel bag or car and you will never be stuck with unwanted hair again.

For more information on how to use the Sphynx (and how to clean it....) check out the video below:

Images: @sphynxrazor/Instagram; Courtesy of Brand