What's In The Everlane x Gia Coppola Capsule Collection? It's Perfect For Summer — PHOTOS

If you love stripes, Everlane's new capsule collection with Gia Coppola is the perfect staple for your summer wardrobe. Everlane, which is known for it's affordable-but-chic basics (aka the makers of the world's most perfect white T-shirt) has teamed up with filmmaker Gia Coppola to create a line that is literally just stripes.

According to Everlane's website, Gia (who's Sofia Coppola's niece) "is known for her uniquely California point of view," which is what led the brand to partner with her on the line. In a short film on the site, she talks sites the "mellowness" of the California state of mind as her inspiration, and confirms that you can "never really go wrong with stripes." The pieces give off the vibes of 1970's Venice beach, and above anything are comfortable.

There are uber-soft looking shorts, t-shirts, and rompers in bright summer colors with hints of white. Every piece is perfect for throwing on for a day at the beach, or pairing with some of your classic denim staples to up your city street style.

Here are some of the pieces from the collection, which will be simply irresistible to anyone who loves stripes as much as Gia does.

1. The Gia Tee

The Gia Tee, $35, Everlane.com

This simple crew-neck comes in three colors, and is reminiscent of Everlane's universally adored white t-shirts.

2. The Gia Mini Dress

The Gia Mini Dress, $48, Everlane.com

This dress would look adorable paired with classic white Keds and a red Bandana — very "Taylor Swift Does Rhode Island," while still being breezy and cool

3. The Gia Boatneck

The Gia Boatneck, $40, Everlane.com

This long sleeve is perfect for throwing on over your bikini at 5pm when it starts to get chilly, but you aren't quite ready to leave the beach yet.

4. The Gia Tank

Gia Tank Top, $30, Everlane.com

Warning: This is the only tank top you're going to want to wear all summer long

5. The Gia Short

The Gia Short, $30, Everlane.com

These shorts look so comfortable, they basically make it acceptable to wear your pajamas outside.

6. The Gia Romper

The Gia Romper, $40, Everlane.com

Can't decide between the shorts and the tank? Screw it, get the romper (or just get all three!)

Images: Everlane