What Kylie Lip Kit Colors Come In Gloss Form? These Neutrals Are Getting A Makeover

Shine on! Kylie Jenner revealed that several Kylie Lip Kit colors are being turned into gloss versions. OMFG! This is amaze! Jenner released three nude x neutral glosses back in the spring — Like, Literally, and So Cute— and that was pretty much it for the texture. So she long was overdue for some new gloss colors and options. She confirmed via her Snapchat that several popular Lip Kit hues will now be offered in the shiny, glossy, mega wet texture. Which Kylie Lip Kits are getting a makeover as glosses?

The Candy K, Exposed, Koko K, and Posie K Lip Kits will now be available as Kylie Glosses. Jenner swatched Candy, Exposed, and Posie on her arm via Snapchat, noting that she didn't yet have a Koko sample to show us! Patience, Lip Kit lovers. The Koko swatch will come in due time and is something else to look forward to.

It makes perfect sense for the makeup mogul to turn her Lip Kit shades into glosses. She's starting with the pinks and her true nude.

Witness the Kylie Lip Kit shades as super shiny glosses below. I promise, you are going to love them!

Candy looks so amaze as a gloss! As Jenner notes in her caption, these babies will go on sale on Friday, July 15. Hopefully, she was stock a boatload of the new Lip-Kits-as-glosses, since her inventory has been stable and plentiful since the pre-Fourth of July weekend, as promised.

She watched the newbies against the classics re: the Kylie Glosses. That texture! That shine! It's blinding.

The Kylie Cosmetics lip arsenal keeps getting better and better!

Make a note in your calendar to shop on Friday, July 15, when the Candy, Exposed, Koko, and Posie make their debuts in gloss form.

Also, here's a shopping tip. It might be a good idea to grab a single Lip Kit liner, if available, for the corresponding new gloss shade or a liner in something "close." That'll keep your lips in tip top shape. There are some cool and unexpected pairing options in the caption, courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (5)