12 Literary-Inspired Tote Bags

Here's something every book-lover knows: tote bags were meant to be filled with books and literary goodies. Something about a thin, tan bag with a simple design screams “Take me to the library! Fill me with literature!” They’re the perfect bag for all seasons (take one to the beach! Carry one on a fall day and coordinate it with your tights!) and it just so happens that there are a lot of literary-inspired options out there.

In my opinion, a purse isn’t an adequate purse unless it’s big enough to hold a book. Or, you know, several dozen books. That’s why sometimes you need to forgo the clutch and grab a simple tote so you can bring all your reading material with you, because books are your true best friends.

If you’re going on vacation, tote bags are also perfect for packing in your suitcase and using later — especially if, like me, you have a penchant for purchasing plenty of novels and then realizing that you don’t have enough room to transport them home. Rather than sacrifice your library, just slip an extra bag in with your shoes, and you’re good to go.

Oh, and if you need a gift for a fellow book-lover? A book-inspired tote bag is also a perfect and practical present. So here are a few of my favorite totes, inspired by the books they can carry.

1. The Litograph Tote In Cinder

Cinder Tote, $29, Lithograph

There are so many amazing tote bags from Litograph, that I had a hard time choosing just one. They offer bags with images made from the text of classic and modern literature, and to top it off, they're water-resistant. Enjoy a perfect day on the beach with one of these to hold your reads.

2. Out Of Print In One Hundred Years Of Solitude

One Hundred Years Of Solitude Tote Bag, $18, Out of Print

Out of Print stocks tote bags featuring old covers of your favorite classics, and once again, I could barely choose just one. This bag with One Hundred Years of Solitude printed on it is beautiful, practical, and artistic.

3. Hermione Quote Tote

Hermione Granger Tote, $12, Etsy

Hermione knows best — when in doubt, go to the library. If you're always struggling to transport stacks of books to and from the library, this is the perfect tote for you.

4. BabyLit Tote In Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Tote, $20, BabyLit

BabyLit has so many cute designs featuring your favorite classics — you probably recognize the art from children's books such as Pride and Prejudice: A BabyLit Counting Primer. I love the Sherlock Holmes tote above, but you should also check out the Mr. Darcy tote, because it's seriously adorable.

5. The Reader Tote

I Am a Reader Tote, $10.83, Etsy

Let everyone know exactly why you love books so much with this tote from FloxCreative on Etsy. I've said this before as an explanation of why I love reading so much, so this would definitely be a fitting bag for any lit-lover.

6. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Tote

Lord Byron Tote, $19, Etsy

"There is a pleasure in the pathless woods," Keats says, and this artistic tote features the quote. If you're looking for a dressier bag to hold your books (and also show off a subtle literary reference), this is the perfect pick.

7. The Alice In Wonderland Tote

Alice in Wonderland Tote, $14, Etsy

This is one of my favorite Lewis Carroll quotes, and it's fitting for readers — if you're always suspending your disbelief and escaping into a new book, this tote is the one for you.

8. The I Heart Darcy Tote

I Love Darcy Tote, $12.95, Amazon

What's more iconic to the Jane Austen fan, than an "I Heart Darcy" tote? In Austenland, the characters all carried these, because they knew who would always hold their heart.

9. The Shakespeare As You Like It Tote

As You Like It Tote, $18.99, The Shakespeare Shoppe

All the world's a stage, so you better get this tote to carry around all your props. This Shakespeare-inspired tote has one of the bard's most iconic quotes.

10. The Overdue Tote

Overdue Library Books Tote, $20, Sea and Lake on Etsy

If ever there was a perfect tote for library books, this is the one. If you're a reader, you have to admit that you're perpetually reminding yourself to go return overdue library books – maybe this tote can help you to remember? Buy this one from seaandlake on Etsy here.

11. Rowling Quote Tote

JK Rowling Quote Tote Bag, $13, Etsy

Sometimes the most magical tote is the one that says what we're all thinking. You can find this J.K. Rowling quote tote from fableandblack on Etsy here, along with a ton of other amazing book-inspired totes for you and all the lit lovers in your life.

Image: Etsy/fableandblack