Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jennifer Lopez Are Totally The New Celeb #FriendshipGoals — PHOTOS

Co-workers aren't always friends. Sometimes you have a civil relationship with someone and offer them a cup of coffee when you're on break, but it never really goes deeper than that. And there ain't nothing wrong with that, but it just does not appear to be the case with two very famous, very new co-workers. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Lopez collaborated on a song in honor of the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting called "Love Make the World Go Round," which was released on Thursday, and they clearly had a lot of fun together with it.

As you can imagine, working with someone on such an emotional project could forge a real bond, and it looks as though it has for these two. In addition to making and promoting the song and doing Twitter Q&As with the likes of iHeartRadio, both singers and performers have made their dynamic duo known on social media. And it's clear in their great rapport with one another evidenced in pictures and videos of their interactions, that they are not only co-workers, but total #FriendshipGoals. You know, like the type of work friend where coffee isn't enough. The kind you invite to happy hour and maybe even your birthday.

Or, you know, simply the kind you take silly selfies with while you work. On Friday, Miranda shared a picture of himself and J. Lo in the recording studio. He captioned it, "I... feel not dressed for the occasion," which is cute considering Lopez is also dressed down while looking quite upbeat. Listen, if I was in the presence of either one of them I'd be simultaneously cheering and feeling inadequate, too. I understand both of their feelings in the selfie very well.

But that isn't the only time they proved to be #FriendshipGoals. iHeartRadio shared a picture of Lopez and Miranda on Thursday, via Lopez herself, that shows them in the thick of their collaboration:

And if that isn't enough, there's a video of the two that shows them making the song together, as well:

Oh, and per Miranda they apparently did, "an impromptu #Ham4Ham" so there's that:

Can we get a musical theater collaboration next? I'd be first in line for tickets.