Why I Love Cersei Lannister On 'Game Of Thrones'

It takes a talented actor or actress to make you invested a character whose main purpose has been to do mainly evil things. And yet it's something that Lena Headey continues to do year after year with Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones . Here we have a woman who's arguably spawn one of the cruelest kings in Westeros history, was willing to let Bran get killed to cover up her incestuous relationship with her brother, and just recently sacrificed a bunch of innocent lives without batting an eye in order to take out her enemies. So why do I love Cersei if she's so terrible? Why don't I hate her with the same passion I did for Joffrey and Ramsay Bolton? That's where the genius of this character and Headey's talents really shine through.

Don't get me wrong, it's not as though I too haven't found myself grappling to deal with Cersei's actions and wouldn't ever go as far to as to consider her a hero to this story. However, I also wouldn't be too quick to label her as outright evil either. Like onions, there are many layers to this character and her motives at times can be understandable, especially given everything that's happened to her in the last six seasons. So before you completely right Cersei off after her latest fiery antics, here's why I have and will continue to love her until the end of time.

1. Her Ambition Is Admirable

You know you only wish you had the kind of initiative and take-charge attitude that Cersei does. If she was in the modern world, she'd be running her own company by now. Heck, probably your own wine empire.

2. She Is Fiercely Loyal To Those She Loves

She may not care about much in this world, but there's no denying how much Cersei loved her children. Motherhood was never really a pleasant experience for her and the gods know Joffrey certainly didn't treat her well, and yet she never stopped loving him. She was genuinely upset to see him die. (The only person to feel such a thing, might I add.) So you can't help but respect that unyielding loyalty.

3. She Represents The Darkest Parts Of Ourselves

If you didn't feel at least a twinge of pleasure watching as the High Sparrow and all his followers went up in flames of wildfire then you are lying to yourself. Sure, later on we felt kinda weird about how much we enjoyed that moment for her, especially considering how many innocent lives were lost. (And Margaery!) But there was still a sweet satisfaction to the moment that we all collectively felt. So completely hating her would mean hating part of ourselves.

4. She's A Natural Born Feminist

In a world where men are the ones in positions of power, Cersei has always made a point of proving that she's more than capable of making her own decisions, thank you very much, and to hell with whatever man tries to stop her. And now look at her — the first female ruler on the Iron Throne.

5. She Knows How To Keep The Party Going

A girl after my own heart.

6. She Speaks Her Mind

Granted, the things she says probably aren't the nicest words you'll ever hear, but good for her for voicing her opinion instead of shrinking into the shadows.

7. Her Facial Expressions Are On Point

Each one is even more perfect than the other.

8. She's The Master Of Manipulation

Because, let's face it, without her various plots and schemes the story would be much less exciting. Her mere presence keeps the acton moving forward. Basically, sh*t gets done.

9. She Had The Sense To Do This

She may have loved him more than he ever deserved, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut instinct. GOOD FOR YOU!

Suffice to say, Cersei is a force to be reckoned with, and as much as I worry how this newfound power will corrupt her even further (Mad Queen, anyone?), Game of Thrones is made better because of her and for that I will always be grateful.

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