11 Hints That Rihanna & Drake Were Always Meant To Be

Drake and Rihanna's love is confusing, inspiring, and emotional. And not just for Aubrey Graham. The rapper and the singer have been at least sort of together, then not together, then maybe together again since 2009, and now, seven years later, it seems like they might actually be dating. But who knows?! Drizzy and RiRi have been so confusing that it's difficult to discern which side of the switch they're on. But one thing is for sure: The writing was always on the wall that Drake and Rihanna were meant to be together, even if they have not had perhaps the most conventional of relationships. The proof is in the pudding — and in the music videos.

Despite the fact that they recently gallivanted through Europe together and have set several stages afire with their chemistry, Drake and RiRi have never really taken off as an actual couple. In 2011, Drake described their relationship — or lack thereof — to Elle and said when asked if Rihanna hurt him, "At the time it hurt, but she didn't mean to. I'll never put that on her. I was hurt because I started to slowly realize what it was. I guess I thought it was more. That was the first girl with any fame that paid me any mind."

Still, the facts can't be ignored. Even through all their ups and downs and time apart, it was clear that their fate was to be together after everything. Need proof? OK, away we go. Take a look at all the clues that Aubrih was meant to be.

1. The "Take Care" Video

OK, let's be real. Drake has probably been obsessed with Rihanna since he first laid eyes on her. Even in the stark, weird, emotional video for "Take Care" in 2012, Drake is practically crying while RiRi is chillin', just staring at the camera. But that was a clue. If you ask me, she was saying Drake just had to wait just a minute or two longer for her to come around. That forehead kiss just ruins me.

2. The Way Rihanna Looks At Drake

You know that bad gal RiRi does not just look this lovingly at anyone. But you bet she's shooting Aubrey that glance. Even she couldn't hide it!

3. The Way Drake Looks At Rihanna

Jeff Gross/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Look how grateful and in awe he is. Who wouldn't be? I feel similarly about Rihanna.

4. He Quite Literally Worships Her


I wouldn't be surprised if, in one of Drake's many closets, there's a shrine to Riri like the one that Helga Pataki had for Arnold.

5. The "Whats My Name" Video

This was the first video that Drake and Rihanna collaborated on back in 2010, and it was super adorable.

6. They Color Coordinate

That's a couples-only behavior.

7. His Distress In The "Work" Video

Because Drake was just so in disbelief that this goddess would give him the time of day. That discomfort is really just an overwhelming sense of gratitude. As it should be.

8. He Called Her The Greatest Woman He'd Ever Known

If you're lucky enough to know Rihanna personally, she could well be the greatest woman you've ever known, but only Drake proclaimed her the greatest in front of a stadium packed full of fans. At a show during her Anti Tour in Toronto in April, Drake joined Rihanna on-stage, and implored his fellow Canadians to "make some noise for the greatest woman I've ever known in my life." And this is coming from the biggest mama's boy there is!

9. All That Damn Neck-Nuzzling

This is not platonic neck proximity. Who do you kids think you're foolin'?

10. All That Grinding


If you see Rihanna and Drake in a photo from on stage or even if a screenshot from a video, you can almost guess their pose: grinding. So much grinding. I'm not mad at it. But again, far from platonic. That is "I'm in love" grinding.

11. This Look

I hope forever to live vicariously through Drake and Rihanna's love. It's been there all along.

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