17 Fashion Faux Pas We All Made In The '90s

by Kali Borovic

People love to love the '90s. But believe it or not, the decade that brought us slip dresses and chokers actually came with a lot of bad trends, too. There were honestly some '90s fashion mistakes that everyone made at the time, and that now color the era in many of our memories. It was a time when the fashion was diverse and the styling was a tad bit horrendous, but no one yet knew it. As good as you might want to believe the trends were back then, you may be forgetting a few terrible fads.

Sure, the '90s are responsible for some of the best trends of today, but everything else going down has kind of become one big blur. Don't get me wrong: I love the decade as much as any other Millennial. I'm all about a good brown lip color and a pair of Dr. Martens. But there are a few trends that I think should be erased from the history books as far as style goes. Don't let today's cute jelly sandals and tartan revolution fool you: The '90s weren't all great.

Some of us might have been rocking cool kid grunge or Cher Horowitz plaids. But others were all about the wallet chains and bucket hats, both of which were total '90s territory. So here are all of the fashion mistakes that you probably made at some point between 1990 and '99.

1. Huge Brand Logos

'90s Calvin Klein CK Price Tag Style T-Shirt, $15,

Gee, I wonder who made this shirt.

2. Matching Outfits

Girl bands and boy bands did it, and you know you left the house with your friends rocking matching outfits, too.

3. Micro Skirts

Cher Horowitz Skirt, $80,

The skirts weren't even short. They were micro.

4. Ultra-Flared Jeans

Joe's Jeans Ultra Flare Denim, $35,

There were flared jeans, and then there were the '90s.

5. Platform Shoes

'90s Grunge Steve Madden Chunky, $40,

Almost every single shoe style came in some sort of platform version — from sneakers to high heels. We fell on our faces way more in the '90s.

6. Tinted Sunglasses

Yellow Lense Sunglasses, $10,

You know, like the bedazzled ones that you got from Limited Too.

7. Camouflage

Camouflage '90s Pants, $20,

There was never a time during which camo was more alive.

8. Bucket Hats

Vintage Guess Hat, $30.32,

There were a lot of ugly hats in the era, but bucket hats were the worst.

9. Visors

Vintage '90s Babe Visor, $18,

Tell me that you didn't own a visor growing up. You'd be lying.

10. Brightly Colored Windbreakers

'90s Windbreaker, $30,

If these weren't on your body at some point when you were growing up, then they were definitely on your parents'.

11. Wallet Chains

Dickie's Leather Walette, $26,

In my opinion, these were the worst accessory of the entire decade.

12. Tie-Dye Everything

'90s San Francisco Tie-Dye Shirt, $15,

It wasn't vacation if you didn't get a tie-dye shirt.

13. One-Shoulder Everything

'90s Sparkly Top Shirt, $17.60,

The glitter I can deal with, but I will never understand why the one-shoulder trend was cool.

14. Shoulder Pads

Vintage Purple Blazer, $36,

This is another trend that I will never understand, yet everyone did it in the earlier half of the decade.

16. Mood Rings

'90s Smiley Mood Ring, $2.59,

These things were like magic, but they never lasted long without getting lost.

17. Zip-Off Pants

Men's Convertable Pants, $16,

First they were capris, then pants, and finally shorts. Let me take a moment to roll my eyes.

Let's be honest here: You were probably guilty of almost all of these fashion mistakes.

Images: Courtesy Brands (16)