Where To Buy The Lumee Case, Kim Kardashian's Favorite Selfie Accessory

I think by now we can all agree upon who the queen of selfies is, but Kim Kardashian does have one secret to taking a flawless selfie, and it's all thanks to a phone accessory. Wondering where to buy the Lumee case? Here's how you can score what you need to take a flawless, Kim K. approved selfie.

Whatever you feel about Kim's selfies, there's no denying that she's literally nailed the art of how to take a perfect one. While yours (read: mine) may look completely amateur, washed out, or just plain scary at times, Kim's always look like they were taken by a professional photographer — but it's not just because of her contouring or her flawless posing. Kardashian actually does have some help with creating those on-point snaps, and she's definitely not shy about admitting it, either.

Lumee Case, $40, Amazon

If you follow Kim K. on social media, you may have heard her referencing a "Lumee case." Obviously, that's a phone case, but do you know what it does? The Lumee case, developed by a professional photographer, has LED lighting on both sides of the case, which gives you a soft, gorgeous lighting in your selfies, and looks way more professional than just a phone pic.

Lumee Case, $40, Amazon

Plus, it's also great at night or in dark-lit places. But the best part? It's not even that expensive. A Lumee case retails for $54.95, which isn't really that much more than a standard phone case would be, so it's definitely worth it if you want to up your selfie game. So down to where you can buy it: it's available on the Lumee website, as well as in online retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Amazon. But today is your lucky day, because Kim Instagrammed that the Lumee case is part of Amazon Prime's Deal of the Day.

As part of the deal, you can score one for $40.

Lumee Case, $40, Amazon

So that's a pretty great deal. In addition to the rose gold, it also comes in other colors:

Lumee Case, $40, Amazon

Like white, which is perfect for summer.

Black, if you want something a little more edgy.

Lumee Case, $40, Amazon

And even hot pink, if you're feeling more bold.

Your selfie game is about to become so strong.

Images: Amazon