Cop Kourtney Kardashian's Major Summer '16 Style

by Augusta Statz

I’m definitely guilty of scrolling through this Kardashian’s Instagram and daydreaming that I was on a vacation, too. When it comes to getaway style — nobody does it quite like her. Find out where to buy Kourtney Kardashian’s pink swimsuit for all of the carefree feels you can handle. Because if seeing photos of her romping around in this thing on a beach with her friends doesn’t give you FOMO then I don’t know what will.

Her fuchsia swimsuit is printed with the saying “Summer ‘16” because clearly, this is the time to be alive, and she's making the most of it! She’s been on an exotic beach for what seems like weeks now, and it’s definitely been giving me all sorts of bathing suit inspo. But, this one-piece is my favorite one by far. And the good news is, the brand known for its majorly cool pop culture references is offering up a super similar style. So, guess what? You can get your “Summer ‘16” on, too.

A very similar Private Party suit retails for $99, but trust me, this little number is worth the splurge. The bright fuchsia color will show off your tan nicely, and will look even better once you’ve got some kind of frozen fruity cocktail in your hand. Because hey, this is a vacay, after all, am I right?

OK, is this the cutest thing you've ever seen or what?

Major fun in the sun vibes right here.

Summer Sixteen Swimsuit, $99, Private Party

If you want to cop Kardashian's summer-ready attitude (and style), then this is the suit for you.

Shop even more swimwear to suit your moods all season long.

1. Poolside Chic

Clashist Pool Water One Piece, $120, Forever 21

For when you just want to hang out by the pool all day.

2. Sleep All Day

I Feel Like Sleeping Swimsuit, $99, Private Party

Sleep all day, play all night. That's what summers are for, right?

3. Tan Lines

Swim Sexy The Boss Swimsuit, $62, Swim For All

Sometimes a sexy swimsuit is worth all of the tan lines it will bring.

4. Soak Up The Sun

Suns Out Buns Out Swimsuit, $29, Miss Guided

It's all about soaking up some rays during the hottest days.

5. Summertime Flavor

Cherry Bodysuit, $18, Forever 21+

It's just not summer until you've had a scoop of black cherry ice cream. This is going to look great with a cone in-hand.

6. Under The Palms

Oh My Love Palm Print Wrap Swimsuit, $51, Asos

This is the perfect thing to pack for your tropical vacay.

Channel your inner Kardashian and live it up (fashionably) while the heat lasts.

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)