Are The BSBs Collaborating With Meghan Trainor?

by Amy Roberts

If you're a lifetime member of the Backstreet Boys fan club who has often dreamed of performing a duet with the still-fabulous boy band, then prepare to set your envy levels to maximum. On Friday night, fellow lifetime member of said fan club, Meghan Trainor, performed a duet with the Backstreet Boys — and she totally got to live all of our dreams, you guys. Singing the classic ballad "I Want It That Way," Trainor joined the still terribly handsome Backstreet Boys (who even wore their similar white suits as those from the original video for the performance) on stage during ABC's Greatest Hits show, and it was beyond spectacular. In fact, it's so good that if you happen to be a fan of both the singer and the boy band, you're probably already wondering, can you download the Meghan Trainor and Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way" duet?

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sadly, there appears to currently be no legal way to download the live performance. But! There may be even better news in store for fans of both BSB and Trainor.

Following the performance, the Backstreet Boys posted up an excitable video on their Instagram thanking Trainor for joining them on stage, and extending an official invitation to her for a future duet. The video, which shows BSB acting adorably thrilled with the performance, also included singer A.J. McLean telling Trainor, "We love you, and maybe we can duet on BSB's latest record?" AHHHH.

But the dream doesn't end there, guys. On July 5, three days before Greatest Hits aired, McLean spoke to Billboard magazine and suggested that the BSB and Trainor have officially been in talks about a potential collaboration:

Her and I have been talking since filming the show about us hopefully writing with her. ... She’s such an amazing writer, so we’re working it out and hopefully when her schedule permits, we can do it. She goes on tour in July, so it’s going to be rough, but I already told her I’ll pop out to her on tour and we can write somewhere on a day off. She’s totally into it!

Oh man, I'm so into this idea. Just take my damn money already, you guys. You've won me over.

The potential for a collaboration must be fantastic news for Trainor, who was shown behind the scenes on Greatest Hits talking about the love she had for BSB when she was growing up. Trainor told the show, "My pop star crush was Brian. I was going to marry him and my mom was going to marry him. That was our husband. ... And the day he got married I remember like we were, 'noo!'" Oh girl, same. There was no heartbreak bigger to me as a 10-year-old girl than realizing that, potentially, all of the members of the BSB were totally out of bounds for my romantic future.

Still, at the very least, Trainor can take comfort in the fact that her childhood heroes are a fan of her talent and that she might be able to finally invest all of those childhood-crush feelings into what promises to be a stunning duet between both her and the BSB. The rest of us will just have to live vicariously through Trainor, I guess.

So, though you might not be able to currently download the duet of "I Want It That Way," take solace in the fact that there could well be a terrific BSB and Trainor duet heading our way in the near future, instead.

Images: ABCTelevisionNetwork/Youtube