Wait, Are Kylie & Tyga Engaged?

The always fascinating Kylie Jenner has taken to Instagram to post a picture that has everyone talking. This time, though, the subject of discussion is huge, because it involves the youngest Jenner wearing a huge diamond ring on that finger. Is Kylie Jenner engaged to Tyga? I mean, that massive (and stunning) ring on her finger is definitely questionable — as is the fact that, curiously, the new photo comes just one day after Jenner posted a photo of herself with boyfriend Tyga captioned "Mr. & Mrs." on Facebook.

As exciting as it is to imagine another lavish Kardashian family wedding in the imminent future, Jenner fans shouldn't start daydreaming about what kind of dress the fashionista will wear when she walks down the aisle just yet. Not only is Jenner still very young at 18 and crazy busy with business pursuits, beauty lines, and reality shows, she also has a habit of regularly referring to Tyga as her husband despite the fact that they're not legally married.

In fact, both Jenner and Tyga have a long history of calling each other husband, wife, and fiancée. Jenner has done it numerous times on her Snapchat and Instagram, and Tyga does the same on his social media accounts. In a recent Snapchat, he said, "I don't f*ck with nobody. I f*ck with nobody. It's just me, my fiancée, [and] this lil' dog I just got." It is safe to say the couple's favorite pet names for each other just happen to have a marital theme.

But, of course, that does not explain Jenner's shiny new ring.

The couple's pet names for each other simply cannot completely discount potential wedding bells. The beautiful rock on Jenner's ring finger definitely raises questions about whether or not she and Tyga are taking their relationship to a new level. However, her ring does not have to be an engagement ring. It could be a gift from Tyga, or even a piece of jewelry she bought for herself. Jenner is all about making a statement with her fashion choices and the bold, but the classic ring definitely looks like something she would pick out given her stylish sensibilities — and who says she can't wear it on her middle finger if she wants to, engaged or not?

Despite their many, many Snapchats and Instagram photos, Tyga and Jenner are actually pretty private about their relationship. Rumors of breakups and reunions have been plaguing them since they got together, so if they are engaged it could be some time before their new relationship status is confirmed — and their explicit confirmation is really the only way we're going to find out. In the meantime, sit back and appreciate Jenner's stunning new ring: engagement or not, that beauty deserves to be admired.