Woman Vows to Deliver an Unopened World War II-Era Love Letter, Which Sounds Like a Movie In the Making

And now for your daily dose of the warm fuzzies: When Sheila Polk of Dallas, Texas picked up a book at a Plant City, Florida Goodwill store, she found a decades-old World War II love letter preserved within its pages. Now, she’s determined to see the story through to its conclusion. Awww!

Written by Sergeant Albert Alm, the letter was addressed to Helen Rothurmel and postmarked May 28, 1945. Initial research revealed that Sergeant Alm was based in Palm Springs, California during the second World War; Rothurmel, meanwhile, was a member of the African American WACS unit stationed at Love Field, Dallas. The postmarks indicate that the United States Postal Service attempted to deliver the letter three times; sadly, though, it never made it to its intended recipient.

Although it’s now almost 70 years after the fact, Polk is determined to get the letter to Rothurmel — if, that is, she can be found. “Her life could have been changed from this one letter, you know?” Polk told My Fox Philly. “It’s a personal, sentimental thing. They do movies about lost love letters, and I’m thinking, ‘Who knows what’s in here that she’s never seen?’ I would love — if she’s around — I would love for her to get it.” She’s working with military officials to see if Rothurmel or her family can be located and the letter finally delivered. I don’t know about you, but I really hope it happens! You can watch a video about the letter here.

Image: Fox 29 Philadelphia