This Is What Your Brain Looks Like When You Climax

If you've ever wondered what happens to your brain when you orgasm, you're not alone. I mean, physically — I get it. I know what's happening to me. I know how to make it happen, then I know what my body's doing, and after my body is going to feel like happy jelly. All of that is cool. But I don't really understand what's happening in my brain — that feels like someone has put it in a blender and then exploded the blender and then I have literally no idea. Sometimes it's chilled out and other times I basically end up on the other side of the bed. OK, one time I fell off the bed. That's just who I am.

But now I know why. Well, sort of. Thanks to some researchers at Rutgers University, I can at least see what's going on upstairs when stuff is getting real downstairs. They put a women in an fMRI and then had her participate in what I can only imagine was the most awkward and least relaxed masturbation session ever, so you can see exactly what the female brain is doing during orgasm. And in, short, I wasn't that off base with the blender-explosion theory.

You can watch the whole video here. For some reason they decided to use red, orange, and yellow which makes it look kind of angry, cloud of orgasm. A little scary, but no less fascinating.

See what I mean about the crazy colors? It's a little intense. But here are my favorite bits:

There is an evil orgasm spell brewing inside of this brain. But my favorite is the explosive aspect. Your brain can go from this:

To this:

BOOM! I'm particularly grossed out by those veins, so I think we should get a closer look at them, right?

I don't even know what to call these. But they're terrifying. I guess we can agree that a whole lot is happening upstairs when you orgasm, but it feels a whole lot better than it looks.

Images: Dirty Jobs/YouTube