This New Competitive Eating Trend Is So Millennial

by Kaitlyn Wylde

When I was a young teen, we had weird competitions like: who could hyperventilate the fastest or who could fit the most sour candies into their mouths without drooling or vomiting. Today's teens are competitively eating heads of lettuce and starting clubs to manage the sport, reports Buzzfeed. I don't know about your high school experience but I'm sure my mother would have been much more supportive over competitive lettuce eating rather than getting a call from the principal that I passed out in the library, on purpose. Yes, she' be much happier to hear that I've become the president of the lettuce club.

In the generation of kale and smoothies and cocoa nibs, are you really surprised that the viral kids of the internet have turned vegetable eating in to a competitive sport and exclusive club? Not entirely surprised but still just a little surprised? Well, as it turns out, a few kids at the Maine School for Science and Mathematics started the trend when they dreamed up the silly idea, came up with a few rules and created a competition out of it. They had an hour to eat and entire head of lettuce and whoever won, was celebrated. The competition would occur once a year and the winner would be the acting president of the club for the year. Perhaps in a school devoted to maths and sciences, it takes some creative off-book efforts to stand out amongst your peers?

One of the members of the original club posted a picture of the competition online, it spread, as all interesting and wacky things do. Now, teens across the country are participating in the sport, raising the level of competition by limiting the consumption time to 30 minutes. If you and your friends have any interest in starting a club of your own, these are the new official rules:

Must Be Iceberg

Iceberg lettuce is 96 percent water. Which makes it easy to eat, and eat fast. Go to your local farmer's market or grocery store and get yourself a decent-sized head of Iceberg lettuce. Wash, peel outside layer and get ready.

30 Minutes

You have only 30 minutes to devour the entire thing. You've got to be a member of the empty plate society in order to win this competition.

Dressing Is OK

If salad dressing or dipping sauces help you scarf down your lettuce faster, go for it. Any toppings or sauces are permitted.

Winner Takes On Duties

If you win, don't forget that you're now the president of the club, meaning you're in charge of organizing next year's competition and any other administrative duties you see fit.

Other "fun" Millennial health food eating competitions might include:

Electrolyte-Infused Water

Replenish your dehydration and electrolyte deficiency with a competitive spin. Get your friends together and chug down some intelligent water.


Be a super winner with this super food. Talk about healthy competition.

Wheatgrass Shots

Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Everybody! Get healthy, get rowdy. No one loses.

Greek Yogurt

Balance out the good bacteria in your gut and stock up on protein while you compete with your friends to be the John Stamos-approved yogurt queen or king.

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