Will Kit Harington Win An Emmy In 2016? The 'Game Of Thrones' Actor Deserves A Nod

Coming back from the dead should automatically lock in an Emmy win, but unfortunately the award show nominations don’t work like that. Jon Snow had a pretty major role in the 6th Season of Game of Thrones , while Tyrion Lannister took a backseat. If he was going to get nominated for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, this would be the year. However, Kit Harington has never been nominated for an Emmy and I have a strong feeling he won’t get a win this year either. Do I think Peter Dinklage deserves the nomination year after year? Yes, he’s amazing, but that doesn’t mean Harington can’t get nominated too. I mean, Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey have battled it out in the same category. It seems Jon Snow should at least be considered.

All things considered, when it comes to the men on the show, it’s Jon Snow’s year. There were a lot of beautiful moments where Kit Harington really proved himself as an actor. So this is me pretty much crossing my fingers that Emmy voters are fans of Game of Thrones and realize it’s time to recognize the King of The North.

I’m making a bid for Jon Snow, so listen up Emmy voters.

He Came Back From The Dead

He died and then a Red Woman literally brought him back to life. He was really good at acting dead too. He deserves some credit for keeping it a secret for so long considering it really wasn't that big of a secret. It was the moment every single person was waiting for.

Hanging Ollie And Alliser Thorne

Even though we all hate Ollie for what he did to Jon, there was a moment where you really felt terrible that Jon had to hang someone that young. It killed him to do it and Harington’s acting in the scene was pretty damn good.

When He Left The Night’s Watch

“My watch has ended.” Boom. What a line.

That Moment He Reunited With Sansa

Fans had been waiting for a Stark reunion for so freaking long and it finally happened this year. We shed tears when they hugged.

Did You See That Epic Fight Scene?

I’m sorry, but watching Jon Snow get crushed by thousands of men deserves some type of reward. That fight scene, albeit, Jon’s fault, was the most gruesome part of the entire season. That would not have happened without Kit Harington.

How About When He Almost Beat Ramsay Snow To Death?

Nothing was more satisfying than watching the downfall of Ramsay Snow. Yes, the dogs eating him was the best part, but watching Jon beat the daylight out of him was equally as awesome. We were all waiting for someone to punch him for so long.

He Brought The Entire North Together

It was a pretty pivotal moment in the show when all the houses of the North got together and proclaimed that Jon Snow was the King of The North. Jon Snow, making big moves.

Not To Mention, He’s The Rightful Heir To The Iron Throne

As we finally learned in the finale, Jon Snow is the rightful King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm. Rhaegar Targaryen being the eldest son of King Aerys II means that Jon is meant to be on the throne. The king deserves an Emmy ya’ll.

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO; Giphy (8)