The Liars Can't Call The Cops About Dr. Rollins

by Kaitlin Reilly

Have the Liars made their biggest mistake ever in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars? It just might be the case, and getting out of this hole won't be easy. In fact, the only person who might be having a tougher time than the Liars is Dr. Rollins — may he rest in peace, or whatever. Tuesday's episode "The Talented Mr. Rollins" saw Dr. Rollins' plan for Alison come to a head: after spending days torturing his wife, Dr. Rollins finally decided to end Alison's suffering... by killing her. Unfortunately for Dr. Rollins and very fortunately for Alison, Hanna and the Liars followed Alison to the woods, and accidentally ran over and killed Dr. Rollins during his pursuit of Alison. A new sneak preview for the PLL episode "Hit And Run, Run, Run" from ET Online shows the Liars covering up Dr. Rollins' death, but fans may be wondering why the Liars can't go to the cops about Dr. Rollins accidental death. This situation might be trickier than we initially thought.

When PLL showed the Liars burying what seemed to be a body in the Season 7 opener, few expected that body to belong to Dr. Rollins. Though we still don't know for sure if that's Dr. Rollins that the Liars are burying in the woods, the fact that Hanna ran him down with her car is a pretty big clue. However, the Liars made it seem like burying the body was something that they absolutely had to do — in reality, Hanna didn't murder Dr. Rollins, she accidentally hit him when he ran out into the street. Though the death was an accident, this new clip from ET Online sure makes it seem like these are girls guilty of "first degree murder," as Spencer states in the Season 7 opener:

If the Liars really are covering up Dr. Rollins death, it could be because there's something we don't know just yet about the night he died — and I have a feeling it has to do with Uber A. According to PLL showrunner I. Marlene King's spoilers for Season 7, the Liars will make a mistake that fuels Uber A's final game, and Dr. Rollins' death could be the mistake she's talking about. Maybe the Liars do want to go to the cops and report the car accident, but Uber A texts them something threatening before they have a chance to. That's totally A-like behavior, and could be the reason the Liars don't make the smart move to tell everything to the police about Dr. Rollins' death.

The Liars have a lot to deal with in Season 7, so here's hoping that they take down Uber A before he or she can wreak even more havoc on their lives.

Image: Freeform