This Theory About Jason Makes A Lot Of Sense

by Kaitlin Reilly

If there's one thing that has freaked Pretty Little Liars fans out more than Dr. Rollins' gross, bloody face in Hanna's car windshield, it's the fact that Jason and Charlotte dated before Jason learned that she was his sister. The reveal that Jason's ex-girlfriend "Cece Drake" was really Charlotte DiLaurentis came during the Season 6A finale, and the fact that Pretty Little Liars went down the pseudo incest route made fans super, super uncomfortable (I mean, Jason already made out with his half-sister, Melissa) and the reveal that Charlotte was only Jason's biological cousin didn't make things much better. Now, a new theory from Reddit user TippyIsA suggests that, perhaps, Jason and Charlotte's relationship wasn't that gross — because PLL 's Jason could be gay.

I know what you're thinking — "Huh? Where the heck did anyone get that theory from?" Well, a gay male character has actually been rumored to be revealed on Pretty Little Liars for quite some time now. According to TVLine, the series had hoped to introduce its first male gay character on PLL during Season 5B, but the storyline never made it to air. It's possible that the character the show's writers were toying with ended up getting a different story arc instead, but it's also possible that the series held off on revealing the character for story purposes. Could we still be waiting on Jason's reveal because the show wants to make it a big surprise that Jason never actually had any sort of physical relationship with Charlotte?

Showrunner I. Marlene King has hinted that we'll get a reveal that will make fans feel a whole lot better about the Charlotte/Jason relationship at Paleyfest, stating:

"There is a little more to the Jason-CeCe dating story, so that's a tease... You haven't heard the complete story of that. You might not say 'gross' by the end of the story."

Given that this interview happened prior to the reveal that Charlotte and Jason were cousins, and not siblings, it's possible that this is what King was referring to. Still, no incest is a lot better than "less icky" incest, so there's also the potential that this isn't what she meant. One theory that might align with Charlotte and Jason's relationship not being so "gross" would be if Jason "dated" Charlotte to cover up the fact that he was dating a man or questioning his sexual orientation. If Jason wanted an excuse not to hit on girls all summer, fake-dating Charlotte might have been one way to go about it. Given Charlotte's impressive ability to spin tales and flat-out lie, she'd likely make an excellent fake girlfriend.

We know that Jason has hooked up with women in the past (see: Ashley Marin) so it's possible that this theory is just that — a theory. However, it's also possible Jason identifies as bisexual, which we totally need more guys to do on TV, because bi erasure is such a thing . Really, though, I'll take any theory that makes Jason dating his own sibling/cousin less ugh.

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