JoJo & Alex's 'Bach' Relationship Found Clarity

In what has to be one of the most awkward dates on Season 12 thus far, JoJo decided to send Alex home on The Bachelorette and the strangest part is, it was a move that Alex never saw coming. But viewers could tell right from the start of their one-on-one date that JoJo's heart just wasn't into it. After spending a day immersing themselves in the gaucho culture, Alex was thrilled with how the date was going, so much so that he decided to open up and admit that he's beginning to fall in love with her. As soon as those words left his lips you could tell a lightbulb went off in JoJo's head — the realization that she wasn't as happy to hear him say that nice things as she should be. And that right there was the clarity she had been looking for and why Alex needed to go home rose-less.

The decision isn't all that surprising, considering how close she's become with some of the other guys on the show. (*cough, Jordan, cough*) So it would've been really hard for Alex to get caught up to that level in time to win her heart. Not to mention that his whole personality has been perplexing throughout this whole experience. It was one thing when he was bringing Chad's behavior out into the open, but the drama continued to center around him long after Chad had left. Even the fact that he was so oblivious to how JoJo was feeling throughout their date is an indicator of how out of sync they were. So it was good for JoJo to listen to her instincts and let him go early on in the episode.

It's like she told Alex. She wanted to be able to tell him she was falling in love with him too, but she couldn't because she wasn't. This would've been the chance for their chemistry together to really shine and JoJo is smart enough to recognize when the spark just isn't there and remained true to herself by not leading him on unnecessarily, no matter how awkward the goodbye would be.

Images: Veronica Gambini/ABC