'Bach's Alex & Chad Aren't All That Different

It didn't take long into Season 12 for fans to establish Chad as the new Bachelorette villain. From his threatening demeanor toward the other suitors to his weird yet hilarious obsession with deli meat, this guy seemed to be a magnet for drama and we kind of loved him for it. (Or at least loved to hate him for it.) However, even now that he's left the show, a small part of him still remains and can be found within the controversial personalities of some of the remaining contestants, especially in regards to Alex. Yes, he may have been the hero who opened JoJo's eyes to Chad's villainous ways, but the longer he stays on the more I realize how similar Chad and Alex actually are on The Bachelorette . In fact, in an ironic twist of fate, they actually have a lot in common.

I suppose it just goes to show how first impressions can be somewhat misleading. Originally, when these two had to go on a two-on-one date, I thought they were complete opposites. But now that Alex has kind of stepped up as the new Bachelorette villain (like when he created unnecessary hostility toward Derek), it's obvious that these two are a lot more alike that we thought. For example...

They're Both Overly Confident

Every suitor likes to think they share a special connection with JoJo, but these guys have managed to go above and beyond that concept, making the show seem less about finding love and more about inflating their already overlarge egos.

They Love Working Out

Alex may have laughed at all those times Chad did those insane curl ups with a suitcase tied around his waste, but it's no more ridiculous than having the girl you're trying to woo sit on you while doing push-ups. Pot, meet kettle.

They Let Their Anger Get The Best Of Them

Watching how a guy deals with his temper tells a lot about his character and let's just say both of these guys need to sort out their anger issues. Chad may have been more prone to threatening physical violence, but Alex's verbal altercations can be just as unpleasant and prove he's also unworthy of winning over JoJo's heart.

They Make It Not About JoJo

They're so focused on either what the other guys are saying about them or bringing everyone else down that they never focus on the most important thing: JoJo.

They Get Jealous Easily

Chad hated seeing JoJo with other men, which is why he constantly kept interrupting their conversations during cocktail hour. Alex is no different. When Derek received a rose to help reassure him of JoJo's feelings, Alex made it clear that he thought that was wrong (even though he'd just tried to do the exact same thing) and ended up bullying Derek in an unnecessary way.

They Both Have A Soft Spot For Dogs

Sure, they're definitely flawed and the show does its best to highlight that fact, but even these bad boys have a soft spot for adorable furry animals. Maybe there's still hope for them after all.

Neither Of Them Are The Right Fit For JoJo

That's probably the biggest commonality they both share. There may be love out there for them somewhere, but finding it with JoJo Fletcher just isn't going to happen.

But hey, now that they clearly have so much in common together, this could be the start of a beautiful (and somewhat terrifying) bromance. That's a spin-off I could get into.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy (6)