Drew On 'EJNYC' Is A 'Rich Kid'

For the cast of E!'s EJNYC, it seems like money is no object when it comes to the adventures that this crew get up to, from shopping for expensive designer sunglasses to parties where the only drink is Dom Perignon. As a member of E.J. and Elisa Johnson's innermost circle, what is EJNYC star Drew Mac's net worth? He's a former boy band member, but, unfortunately, it's not public knowledge just how rich a brief stint in a pop group will get you.

Even though Drew's family isn't as famous as EJ's, he was recurring on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, which to me suggests that he's also the child of a wealthy family. His father, Dr. Gerald McNamara, is an orthopedic surgeon, which according to MedScape, is the highest-paid physician speciality (an average of $421,000 per year) and has the highest average net worth, somewhere between $2 and $5 million. And Drew's brother, Ben, who also lives in New York City, is a tax senior at EY, which according to Glassdoor can range from $51,000 thousand to $121,000 a year, with an average of $82,000 for New Yorkers. According to Drew's LinkedIn, he hasn't taken another full time job since graduating from college in 2014 — he's still focusing on getting his music career started.

Unlike the rest of that cast, though, he's not from the super-exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood with the famous zip code. Instead, he's actually from Kansas, according to an article from his high school newspaper. At the time, Drew was a sophomore at UCLA and interning at Christian Louboutin, and he credits that awesome internship opportunity to his connections and networking with wealthy people and celebrities. A recent episode shocked the audience with the revelation that Drew has chronic kidney disease and had to get a kidney transplant from his father as a 13-year-old. He's had a serious life, so everything is not just getting manicures and looking for a new gym for Drew. But when it comes to how he chooses to spend his money, it's all about luxury.

He's Taken Big Risks With His Look

Pink hair, don't care (what anyone thinks). Drew may think that this unexpected dye job was a mistake, but I think it looks just edgy enough.

He's Got A Beautiful Pool To Relax By

Not sure if this is Drew's home or maybe his parents' house, but regardless of who it belongs to, it looks like the perfect place to work on a tan on a hot summer day.

He's Balancing Life On Two Coasts

During Season 1 of EJNYC, Drew was adjusting to life in a new city, but if you look at his social media lately, it seems like he's still super into Los Angeles. And rather than pick one city over the other, he's spending time in both.

He's A Fabulous Wedding Guest

Drew and his family know how to throw an enviable destination wedding. This wedding party beats pretty much everything else I've seen on Instagram this summer.

The Only Way To Travel Is Private

Why spend all day on the highway or brave a jitney when taking a private plane to the Hamptons is a possibility? That's a total Rich Kid move.

His Vacation Is Better Than Yours

Unless you've spent the last two months sailing around the Mediterranean on Beyoncé's yacht while she's on tour, I'm pretty sure your view can't compare to this one.

I don't care if Drew has $10 million in his bank account or one dollar, because the EJNYC star's net worth is not stopping him from living like a billionaire.

Image: E!