Kyle From 'EJNYC' Has Such A Cool Life

If you haven't been watching EJNYC, you absolutely should. The cast may all be in their early 20s, but they have tons of ambition and drive. EJNYC star Kyle Bryan is trying to become the next fashion superstar designer, and he's already on his way to making it, since he has a position working with designer LaQuan Smith. But Kyle Bryan's net worth might not be quite as impressive as some of his more famous co-stars, since starting out in any industry, let alone one as competitive and cutthroat as high fashion, means a lot of work and very little pay. It's very possible that he's not making tons of money or gets to do the most glamorous tasks. For every famous person who wears LaQuan Smith's clothes, there's got to be some behind the scenes drudgery that doesn't make it onto the show.

Kyle may already be a huge star in the hearts of EJNYC's biggest fans, but he hasn't been in the public eye for long. Thus, his precise net worth is not public knowledge yet, but as one of LaQuan's assistant designers, Kyle probably earns a pretty good paycheck on his own, even if he doesn't come from the same privileged background as some of his co-stars. According to Glassdoor, assistant designers in New York City earned and average of a little over $45,000 a year, while Payscale reports average earnings are between $30,000 and $52,000 a year. If Kyle has worked his way up to that level, it helps explain why he can afford to live such an enviable life in NYC, one of the nation's most expensive cities. And according to Indeed, a "Fashion Stylist" can earn $50,000 a year, meaning that Kyle is doing pretty well for himself.

Even though Kyle's not the son of a celebrity, like EJ, Elisa, and Samaria, he's friends with this group, so I'd presumed that he was also raised at least somewhat wealthy, but he may be a complete self-starter who's paying off student loans (like almost half of millennials). But no matter how Kyle made his money, he still manages to live an amazingly lavish life.

He's Known For Working With Celebrities

On the newly launched WiShi app, Kyle is providing stylist services alongside other celebrity stylists. Clearly, his work is paying off, and he's gaining notoriety for his work.

He Can Compete With EJ's Style

Is Kyle as wealthy as EJ? I'm not sure, and they both dress to the nines every time they make a public appearance, making it impossible to tell.

He Sits Front Row At Fashion Week

And while Kyle is usually working behind the scenes either styling or designing, he's also frequently sitting in the front row, the place where only the most exclusive and sought after stars are placed.

He Spares No Expense When It Comes To A New Look

The coat is the star here, but also note those Yeezy boots, which are not cheap either. But without them, the look wouldn't be nearly as put together. That's the mark of a true baller. Money is no object when a whole look is on the line.

Going Out Means Five Star Treatment

As demonstrated on EJNYC, if you want this crew to show up, you need monogrammed bottles of champagne and a bunch of handsome eligible bachelors.

He Travels In Style

Looks like the EJNYC cast might be taking a trip in a future episode this season, judging by this caption. I cannot wait to find out where exactly they're all staying, because there's no doubt it will be amazing, and probably be filled with jacuzzis, beautiful coastal views, and lots of drama.

Kyle Bryan's net worth may not be public knowledge just yet, but he clearly lives the good life, regardless of what's in his bank account.