Will 'EJNYC' Return For Season 2? Fans Want More Of The Show's Signature Drama

Let's be real here, the new reality series on E!, EJNYC, is everything. I simply can't get enough of it. E.J. Johnson is a full-blown reality star for sure. He really found his own niche when he stepped away from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, where it always seemed like he wasn't given the room to shine with so many equally attention-grabbing co-stars. Now that Season 1 is coming to an official close this Wednesday, the world needs to know if EJNYC will return for Season 2 for even more opulent shenanigans.

Unfortunately, no official word is in yet regarding whether EJNYC will be renewed or cancelled (no!) by E! just yet. According to Premiere Date, the premiere episode did pretty well in the ratings, garnering 0.503 million viewers and a 0.2 rating in the 18-49 demo, and it seems like the six episode debut season has fared pretty well with viewers. It's a very easy show to love because E.J. is a remarkably likable person. He's oddly an unlikely mixture of absolutely chic, but absolutely down to earth. I can't remember the last time that I saw someone maintain a balance of those attitudes on reality television. With that unique spark at the center, the network would be wise to renew and give us more E.J.

With that said, here are a few reasons why EJNYC needs to come back.

E.J. Is Everything

Seriously, I'm just not ready to have an E.J.-free television schedule. He's so fun to watch and I need to see him make his moves in NYC. He's really got a promising fashion career, and I am ready to watch it unfold every week. The show left us with too much potential this season.

Will Everyone Continue Hating On Sanaz?

We need to know. This season made it clear that there was a real division in the group again Sanaz supporters and Sanaz haters, especially among the ladies. Will the rift be fixed or will it only get worse? Season 2 needs to explain.

Did Elisa Finally Find The Right Guy?

Is the friend she met at school the right fit? She's so adorable, I hope she finds a good guy soon.

What's Going To Happen With Drew?

It's clear that the crew is worried about their pal's partying. He admitted that he has a pretty serious kidney disorder and drinking is not exactly recommended by doctors. While on vacation, he vowed to live a healthier lifestyle and curb his partying ways. Will he stick to it? I hope so.

But, only a Season 2 can really tell for sure. Make it happen, E!

Image: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment