Where To Shop Alexa Chung's New Fashion Line

IDK about you, but I am still in need of a respirator to catch my breath after the good news that Alexa Chung is finally launching her own fashion line, dubbed "Alexachung." It's not a co-branded collection. It's all Chung's vision, which she will execute as creative director overseeing a staff of six. The line will arrive in May 2017, according to the Business of Fashion, so Chung lovers and fashionistas have to gather some patience for the next 10 months or so! Chung, an "It" girl and style icon, pretty much said that the collection will appeal to those who love street style with a requisite dose of chic. She also said she wants Alexachung, which will include denim, jewelry, and evening wear, to be accessible. Alrighty, then. Where can you buy, or at least browse, Alexa Chung's clothing line when it lands next spring?

Well, according to the BoF, there will be multiple sales destinations. The line will be sold at Selfridges, which is a high-end British department store. It will also be available online at luxury fashion sites like MatchesFashion, MyTheresa, and SSENSE. There will also be a dedicated e-commerce platform, per BoF. That sounds like you will be able to buy Alexachung directly from the brand's site, as well.

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We will certainly keep you posted as the Alexachung line rolls out. She is definitely making New York a focus market for the launch, as well.

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Chung always looks effortlessly street chic, as evidenced by the outfit above.

Chung also rocked a pantsuit with a jungle print and the most clever caption ever.

I am really expecting Chung's distinct and trend-setting fashion point of view to inform her Alexachung line. There is no way that this cannot be an awesome launch. However, as Refinery 29 notes, contemporary pricing isn't exactly inexpensive and is a subjective term. So while Chung stated that she is not planning on a high price point, exactly how accessible and affordable her line will be remains to be seen. It also depends on your personal budget. I'll wait, patiently, for more info!

So much fabulousness.

Images: Alexa Chung/Instagram (2)