All The New Movie's Refs To The 1st 'Ghostbusters'

by Rachel Simon

After two years of anticipation, the new, all-female, Paul Feig-directed Ghostbusters is finally here, and I, for one, could not be more excited — especially because, like so many other people, I'm a big fan of the original movie. The first Ghostbusters, which hit theaters in 1984, was a massive success critically and commercially, and over 30 years since its release, fans everywhere are still totally obsessed. Which is why it's so fun to catch all the original Ghostbusters Easter Eggs and references in the new movie and see just how much of an ode the current film is to its ghostbustin' predecessors.

Some of the shout-outs to the original film (and its 1987 sequel) are pretty obvious, while some are a bit more subtle, but all of the references to the first Ghostbusters franchise will make fans of those movies squeal with joy. And even if you're a viewer who's never seen the originals (but why haven't you?!), you'll still undoubtedly pick up on some of the most general references, such as cameos from beloved actors or the repetition of classic lines. Check out the 16 Easter Eggs the new movie contains from the first Ghostbusters below, but be warned, major spoilers lie ahead.

1. Cameos From Everyone

All the original surviving Ghostbusters — Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson — appear in the new movie, as do Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts.

2. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Did you really think the new movie wouldn't include the famed Marshmallow Man? The icon shows up in the climatic fight scene, just like in the original.

3. Slimer

The infamous ghost makes a brief re-appearance during the big Times Square fight scene.

4. The Harold Ramis Bust

A bust paying tribute to Harold Ramis, the original Ghostbuster who passed away in 2014, can be seen in Erin's office at Columbia.

5. The Firehouse

At the end of the movie, the women move their headquarters to an abandoned firehouse, where the original Ghostbusters used to work.

6. The Logo

The iconic Ghostbusters logo gets an origin scene in the new movie, when the women watch a man spray paint it on the subway station wall.

7. The Scoleri Brothers

GamesRadar noted that the ghost who appears in the subway scene seems to be one half of the Scoleri Brothers, ghosts who appeared in Ghostbusters 2.

8. "Listen, You Smell Something?"

GamesRadar also caught the re-appearance of the hilarious "Listen, you smell something?" line from the original in the form of a sentence uttered by Chris Hemsworth's Kevin.

9. "I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost"

The classic line is uttered by Aykroyd during his short cameo.

10. The Theme Song

Obviously, the new movie pays tribute to the original theme song, just with a new version sung by Fall Out Boy.

11. "If There's Something Strange In Your Neighborhood..."

Abby says this line, a nod to the theme song, when trying to come up with a Ghostbusters advertisement.

12. "Mass Hysteria!"

In the new movie, it's said that the government revealing that ghosts are taking over the city will cause "mass hysteria," a shout-out to the famous "Dogs and cats, living together — mass hysteria!" line from the original.

13. Total Protanic Reversal

Although "Don't cross the streams" is never said, protonic reversal is the method that ends up saving the day, just like in the first movie.

14. The Background Guy

MoviePilot noticed a fun shout-out to the original film in the form of a random guy walking in the background of a newscast.

15. Ecto-1

Would it really be Ghostbusters without the Ecto-1? The hearse takes center stage, just with a slight upgrade, in the reboot.

16. Zuul

In the post-credits scene, Patty listens to a recording of paranormal activity and asks the others who Zuul is, implying that the villain from the originals could be making a return in a sequel.

With shout-outs like these, the new Ghostbusters pays a sweet tribute to its much-loved predecessors.

Images: Columbia; Giphy