15 "Pokemon Go" & Chill Stories

If "Netflix and Chill" was the social and dating phenomenon of the last year, there's a new one in town. With the outrageous success of "Pokmon GO", it looks like "Pokemon Go" and Chill is coming right behind. It's good to see that it's bringing people together— seriously, people are getting dates out of this thing. Which is great, because it's also tearing relationships apart. There are loads of stories on social media about losing their significant other to the new addictive game. And although they're all said as sort of half jokes, I've dated a gamer before and let me tell you, the struggle is REAL.

The one problem of course, is that while Netflix is a comfy couch-based activity, perfect for cuddling up and then abandoning the laptop completely in favor of sex, "Pokemon Go" is less, well, chill. I mean, it's got people driving across roads, climbing into fountains, and (I kid you not) finding actual dead bodies. I don't see how running around glued to your phone and screaming the names of Pokemon can possibly lead to any sort of intimacy or even casual sex. But I know gamers, and I don't underestimate them. "Pokemon Go" & Chill will persevere.

And I'm telling you, people are going nuts for it. Here are some "Pokemon Go" & Chill stories erupting on Twitter:

1. Firstly, actual "Pokemon Go" is getting involved:

2. Check out this power couple:

3. Plus we all know this look, when sh*ts about to go down:

4. This sexy prospect:

5. Or this girl's dream:

6. This guy's nightmare:

7. Those who are skeptical:

8. And those who are too dedicated:

9. This discerning suitor:

10. This romantic date:

11. Those who can see the future:

12. This story of love gone wrong:

13. This terrifying prospect:

14. This amazing first date waiting to happen

15. This person who just wants to catch 'em all

Images: Fotolia; Twitter