Back-To-School Planners Based On Your Major

While I always hated the end of the summer and was never excited for the school year to start, I was always secretly exited about school supplies. So much so, if there's anything I miss about being in school, it's about going to the local department store and stalking up on new pens and pencils and notebooks, and my favorite, back-to-school planners. Even though the line usually wrapped around the corner and the place looked like a stampede had run through it, it was somehow worth it. Because there's nothing like fresh paper and ink.

Even though I don't technically need them anymore — now that I'm not in school they're not exactly required in the adult world (and most adults use their smart phones as planners) — I can't help but indulge in buying a new planner every year. There's something so great abut writing down your plans in pen. It not only keeps you on schedule, but it helps you to remember all that you've done. And sometimes it's nice to go back and read over all that you've done — it's all too easy to forget the little things.

If you're dreading the end of summer but also secretly stoked to get your school supplies, let these planners turn you onto the new school year — they're thematically inspired by college majors:

Moleskine Diary Planner

If you're a writing major, you need room to jot down ideas and take notes. This planner has more than enough room for you to express yourself and stay on top of your schedule.

12-MONTH DAILY 2017 PLANNER, $19.95, Moleskine

Moleskine Le Petit Prince Planner

Studying French? Get in the spirit with a French-styled planner that takes on the theme of one of the most famous French stories.


Palm Leaf Planner

The perfect planner for the horticulturist or vacation day-dreamer, this simple watercolor leaf is both nature and namaste.

Gold Foil Tropical Palm Leaf Plant. 2016-2017 Planner, $26, Etsy

Ancient Maps Planner

The best inspiration for a history major. This antique map will serve as both a reference and a happy distraction.

Handmade Map Cover Planner, $14, Etsy

Art Deco Planner

If you're studying graphic design, this is the planner for you. Personalize it and doodle in between the lines as you please.

Personalized Art Deco Planner, $30, Etsy

Up-Cyled Planner

If you're in environmental studies, this planner will give you some street credit. It's completely made of recycled material and still totally cute.

Up-cycled Postage Stamp Art Planner, $24.49, Etsy

Cityscape Planner

Are you studying architecture? This is the notebook for you. Pick a city that speaks to you and build it out while you're bored in class.

Cityscape Weekly Planner, $26, Minted

Galaxy Planner

If you're studying astronomy, you definitely want to stay on-theme with this old school celestial planner.

2016 Personalized Galaxy Planner, $38.99, Etsy

Famous Paintings Planner

If you're an art student, this planner will both work as a cheat sheet and daily homage. Enjoy your favorite paintings, keep track of your assignments.

National Gallery of Art 2016 Engagement Calendar, $14.99, Amazon

Images: Pexels