John Cho Needs To Return To ‘New Girl’

Due to Zooey Deschanel’s maternity leave, Jess Day was whisked off to jury duty during a shortened, pregnancy accommodating fifth season of New Girl. The fifth season also relied heavily on guest stars to fill the void left by Deschanel and give a compelling reason for her absence. Most notably, Megan Fox and John Cho appeared to enhance the show’s roommate shakeup and jury duty plots. But, will either guest star return? More important to my interests, will John Cho come back to New Girl?

While a premiere date for New Girl Season 6 has been announced — Tuesday, September 20, 2016 — and the regular cast has been confirmed, fans are still curious about the status of their favorite Season 5 guest stars. After all, we did leave off with Nick wanting to follow Reagan (Megan Fox) to New Orleans to see how things could progress. If he does follow her, we’ll get more Reagan story-arc. But, considering Fox’s real-life pregnancy, this could be done via Maris Crane or Vera Peterson or Stan Walker format; the character may always be just off screen.

But what about John Cho? His storyline unceremoniously came to an abrupt halt last season. Cho was debonair lawyer and would-be love interest for Jess Day, Daniel Grant. She had to choose between her civic duty and love — and the honorable Jess Day chose jury duty. But now that the trial is over, these two kids could get together. But will they, or won’t they? While there has been no news about a John Cho return to New Girl, I hope the character does come back.

1. One Episode Was Not Nearly Enough John Cho

From powerhouse franchises like Star Trek and Harold & Kumar, to memorable appearances on shows like 30 Rock and Ugly Betty, a one episode arc is just a gross misuse of John Cho.

2. We Got A Big Set Up

Jess was attracted to him, but couldn’t have him. But he was dreamy, so she almost threw her interview. This was a lot of back and forth, and for what? Jess to leave the show for weeks and Daniel never to be seen again? It’s also weird that Demetri Martin became Jess’s jury duty love interest when Deschanel returned. What was in the water at that courthouse?

3. Daniel Is A Grown Up

I hate to say it, but the characters on New Girl have stagnated. The incestuous dating and Full House-esque loft of childish 30-somethings just isn’t cute anymore. Cece and Schmidt are married and living with their best friends. I’m pretty sure this is what I excitedly imagined adulthood to look like when I was 12. Daniel was a fresh face. He had a respectable job. He was a grown up. This could be a good influence on the loft, and plot development.

4. Other Exes/Love Interests Have Returned On New Girl

Most recently, Sam returned to the show. But, New Girl has also seen other lovers and friends come back, like Caroline, Russell, Paul, and, of course, Coach on numerous occasions. The show has surely set a precedent for bringing guest stars back, so this may not be the last we have seen of Daniel.

5. Nick Has Reagan

Reagan was introduced as a distraction for Nick at almost the exact same time as Daniel for Jess, so both of these potential love interests could still distract Nick and Jess from future romance.

6. The Nick & Jess Will They Won’t They

We all know where this is going. Daniel or no Daniel, all roads will lead to Nick. So, while more John Cho would be fun, it may just make this Sam and Dianne, Ross and Rachel thing excruciating.

John Cho needs to come back, like, yesterday. I'll just keep my fingers crossed on this one.

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