Kim Kardashian Gets Interviewed By A Toddler

by Emily Lackey

Leave it to world’s most famous celebrity, Kim Kardashian, to have an existential conversation with a toddler. That’s what happened on Monday when the star Snapchatted a video of Kardashian talking to a toddler named Sid. The toddler had a few hard-hitting questions for the reality television star, questions that some of the toughest reporters in the world wouldn’t have the courage to ask this mega-famous celebrity. But ask he did, and she was happy to answer even the most challenging ones. And trust me when I say that this video of Kim Kardashian talking to a toddler about fame is the cutest thing ever.

There are a lot of things about this video that makes it so cute, but the most adorable part is definitely the fact that Sid, the toddler, asks all of the questions that so many of want to know the answers to. Questions like “How are you famous?” I mean, who doesn’t want to ask that of Kim Kardashian? But instead of laughing it off and continuing to play with the hard-hitting toddler, the reality star does her best to answer his questions with totally sincerity. You have to love a celebrity who isn’t too big to break it down for a kid about what it’s like being famous and why exactly her picture is on all of those magazine covers.

It’s honestly sweet to see Kim Kardashian tackling some of the hardest questions she’s ever faced with an actual child. Why, for instance, are the people who are famous so famous? Why are all of those people on the covers of magazines? She answers them all with total honesty, and it’s adorable to see these two tackling some of the world’s biggest topics: celebrity, fame, and the way people are portrayed in the media.

But the fact that this conversation is taking place between the world’s biggest celebrity and one of the world’s newest additions makes it even more precious. So well done, little guy, for having no fear in the face of the world’s biggest celebrity. And well done having no fear in asking her some pretty important questions. Way to hit it hard as a journalist.