Where Women Are Banned From Wearing Underwear

Some churches encourage the congregation to attend mass in their Sunday best, complete with flowery hats and pastel-colored dresses. But one church in Kenya says appropriate attire means no bras or underwear. According to the Kenyan Daily Post, a pastor at a Propeller Redemption Church in the Nairobi area is telling his female congregants to forgo their undergarments when coming to worship, so that they may be closer to God.

Reverend Njohi held a meeting where a law was made, and passed, that prohibited women from wearing any type of underwear to mass. Rev. Njohi's reasoning for this is so the women are "free in 'body' and 'spirit' to receive Christ." The law warns female attendees that there are "dire consequences if they secretly put on their inner wears," the Kenyan Daily Post reports. Additionally, mothers are required to keep their daughters from wearing underwear at church so they too can "receive Christ." An anonymous attendee said all women obeyed the law and left their underwear at home for a recent Sunday service.

How unsettling! Last time I checked, it's possible to have a spiritual experience while fully clothed. Nothing has been reported on whether or not the male attendees of the church are required to attend without their boxers or briefs.