This 'GoT' Season 7 Theory's Bonkers (& Plausible)

by Jordana Lipsitz

First off, if you haven't finished Season 6 of Game of Thrones , beware: There are spoilers ahead. So, you know, hop to it, marathon those episodes, and then get on back here! Anyway... anyone else notice how in Game of Thrones, we've reached an amazing point where anyone who's ever wronged Sansa is getting what they deserve. Ramsay Bolton? Dead, consumed by own dogs. Lysa Arryn? Dead thanks to a fall into her weird moon door. Joffrey? Purple wedding'd so hard. Based off of this, I gotta wonder: will the one guy who sort of helped Sansa but also totally screwed her over by hooking her up with the super evil Ramsay be next on the list? According to a Reddit theory from user Fire_away_Fire_away, yes — in fact, the compelling theory suggests that Littlefinger might be killed by falling through the Moon Door.

Honestly, I could see this happening. The former brothel owner has served his purpose by getting Sansa the support of the Knights of the Vale, so she doesn't need to deal with him and his evil ways anymore. After all, he's trying to sow the seeds of discord amongst the Stark camp and pit Sansa against Jon — something that would be bad if the duo is ever going to unite the Seven Kingdoms and defeat the White Walkers. I feel like Sansa knows the game well enough now to know when she's being manipulated and when the manipulator should be taken down, so I hope she sees that with Ramsay — and, if it's going to happen, what better way to do it then the same way he killed her aunt?

Also supporting this theory is that there's been foreshadowing too — and if there's one thing Game of Thrones does best, it's subtle foreshadowing. So, when Robin the Lord of the Vale (aka Baelish's semi-stepson and the biggest proponent of the Moon Door) threw a toy mockingbird through the Door, well... it was probably something we should remember. See, Petyr's sigil is the "mockingbird" as opposed to the Baelish family crest (which is a titan's head), so the toy version of this animal going out the Door could definitely be a sign of some kind. Like, a sign that Sansa could manipulate Robin into pushing Petyr through the door and unwittingly avenging his mother's murder?

Personally, I'm hopeful that this is the way Petyr will go out. I suppose we'll just have to wait until Season 7 to find out!

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO, Giphy (2)