'Brookyln Nine-Nine' Showed Boyle Some Love & Now 'Mindy' Needs To Do the Same With Morgan

Everybody loves the underdog and Fox Tuesday night programming definitely loves the underdog as their top three series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, and The Mindy Project are in one way or another about people who don’t fit in to neat compact boxes. They’re all their own little islands of misfit toys. And as of late, the underdogs of the underdogs on the series have been receiving much-earned lovin’. I’m talking about Boyle on Nine-Nine and Winston on New Girltheir new storylines are as terrific as they are overdue. And so, it’s about time The Mindy Project gives Morgan the love he so clearly deserves, too.

We’re still a month out from the return of Dr. Lahiri and co., so maybe the show has even more tricks up its sleeves than just the impending will-they-won’t-they (really, really?) of Mindy and Danny. As much as I love the butterflies-in-the-stomach passion between the series main stars, I’m still holding out for my boy Morgan. He’s been pining for Tamra since she joined the office and despite Morgan’s best efforts, she’s remained loyal to dufusy Ray-Ron.

Granted, Morgan’s tactics in wooing can be a bit, intense, at times, but they’re always earnest and coming from the right place. His romantic refurbishment of the office deckspace was one of the series’ sweetest moments. Not only is Morgan a thoughtful guy, he’s also intensely loyal and has the memory of a Clark’s nutcracker (that’s a bird with a better memory than most humans, BTW).

So let’s take a look at Morgan’s fellow Tuesday Night underdogs. All three of Fox’s big comedies live in similar universes. Schmidt and Dr. Reed would totally be friends and I could totally see Jess sharing notes in college with Santiago. So why is is that Boyle, even when he’s going “The Full Boyle” can get the girl but Morgan can’t? Or the fact that Winston’s awkwardness and overall lack of game is still more successful than a guy who actually can plan a romantic evening? It’s perplexing.

Not only has Morgan gone from Michael Scott Season 1 levels of awkward to an unabashedly original charmer, he also consistently delivers some of the show’s funniest lines and moments. And um, hellooooo, if Morgan finally gets some attention from a new gal, maybe Tamra's feelings will finally change. Because we all know, nothing makes you want someone more than when you can't have them (hello Boyle and Diaz). Come on Mindy, let’s show Morgan some love. Then maybe in a truly glorious crossover he and Tamra can end up on a triple date with Boyle and Vivian and Winston and Bertie where they all eat oysters erotically, talk about cats, and school each other in some sweet dance moves.

Images: Fox