9 Cool Lunch Bags For Adults

When you’re a student, eating enough throughout the day is crucial for staying on your A-game. It also gives you the excuse to shop for the coolest grown-up lunch bags you can find. I mean, I know it’s tempting to dig out that pink plastic Little Mermaid lunch box from the kindergarten years… or is that just me? Regardless, we’re all real-life adults now and our lunch bags this school season should show that.

Think of it this way: you work hard at school. This is true whether you’re a student, professor, or a member of the administration. Of course, this also applies to the boss ladies out there doing the daily 9-5 grind. In order to make the most of each day, we need to keep ourselves hydrated and our bellies full. Otherwise, we’ll feel lame and tired all day. Not cool.

When you have a rad lunch bag, you’ll be so much more likely to pack a lunch and bring it with you. This will allow you to skip the long lines and save money on food. Don’t forget to pair it with an awesome travel mug or tumbler full of water, tea, or coffee. Happy back-to-school season, folks!

1. Canvas Lunch (Dessert) Bag

Dessert first? Well, ain't that the truth. After all, this lunch bag can totally double as a portable "cookie jar." Just saying.

Playing Cookie Lunch Bag, $20, ModCloth

2. Punny Canvas Lunch Bag

Fans of food and puns will appreciate this charming canvas lunch bag. Pro tip: If someone doesn't laugh at this, you probably shouldn't be friends with them anyway.

All in Good Fungi Lunch Bag, $20, ModCloth

3. Artsy Neoprene Bag

Design nerds and creative types will swoon over this graphic lunch bag by Art of Lunch. Between the crisp shapes and vibrant colors, your stash of food will never get lost again.

The Ocean, The Sea, The Wave by Art of Lunch Neoprene Lunch Bag, $20, Amazon

4. Polka Dot Lunch Bag

If you're into classic prints and patterns, head to Carried Away Bags at Etsy. This black and white polka dot insulated lunch bag is the epitome of everything sweet and simple.

Insulated Lunch Bag, $24, Carried Away Bags

5. Monogrammed Lunch Bag

Aside from the free monogram, these lunch bags by Mark and Graham are stylish as heck. I'm loving that leather trim. And can we just talk about how it could pass for a chic makeup train case?

Insulated Lunch Bag, $49, Mark and Graham

6. Floral Lunch Box

Who said tin lunch boxes were only for kids? This beautiful version at Anthropologie is enough to make any grown lady swoon.

Magic Garden Lunchbox, $24, Anthropologie

7. Waxed Canvas Bag

It's crazy what a little wax finish can do. These guys by Crux Supply Co. are made out of canvas, but give off the look of leather. Awesome.

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag, $28, Crux Supply Co.

8. Linen lunch bag

Take things down the minimalist route with a beautifully chic linen lunch bag by Etsy seller feellinen. That wooden button totally completes the look.

Linen Lunch Bag, $20, feel linen

9. Insulated Lunch Tote

If you're not into the idea of lunch bags or boxes, opt for a lunch tote. They can pass for your average purse but can also keep your lunch safe and sound. This Etsy seller offers 20 different black and white patterns, providing something for everyone.

Insulated Lunch Bag, $30, Collection Land

Images: Courtesy Brands