Caleb Is MIA On 'Pretty Little Liars'

I know that Tuesday night's episode of Pretty Little Liars gave us a lot to think about. Between Rollins' real name being revealed and Jenna's long-awaited return, it definitely made for a compelling hour of television. But let's just take a moment to talk about a very real concern I'm now having: the fact that Caleb has apparently left Rosewood and unfortunately there's no telling when he's coming back. The good news is that this definitely isn't the work of yet another kidnapping, so odds are that he's at least safe for the time being. No, I think Caleb's disappearance on Pretty Little Liars has everything to do with the heartbreaking scene we all witnessed between him and Spencer this week.

Being the amazing guy that he is, Caleb showed up at Spencer's place hoping to work through their issues. But considering that she was in the middle of cleaning up a ton of murder evidence, it wasn't exactly the best time to talk, so she wouldn't let him in. Through the door, he told her how much he'd come to care for her and apparently even gave up a great job in San Francisco after their magical time together a few years back. And then he did something that wrecked me forever: HE CRIED. Is there anything more devastating than Caleb tears? (No, no there isn't.) But still Spencer couldn't open the door and was forced to send him away.

The next day she tried to go to him and tell him the truth of what happened, but it was too late. Much like what happened to Hanna, Spencer came back to find that his stuff was gone. Where did Caleb go? Maybe he decided to head to San Francisco after all. Maybe he just needed some space and went off to visit relatives. Maybe he has death wish and is currently staying at the Lost Woods Resort. Either way, Caleb is officially MIA. He doesn't even know that Spencer almost hooked up with another guy. (Or maybe he does and that's why he left?) Let's just hope he doesn't stay vanished for very long. PLL just wouldn't be the same without him.

Image: Ron Tom/Freeform