These 'Ghostbusters' Spoilers Are Crazy

by Rachel Simon

Now that Ghostbusters is finally hitting theaters on July 15, it's time for a time-honored tradition for pop culture fans to begin: the ridiculously tricky avoidance of spoilers. Sure, this new reboot isn't, say, Star Wars: The Force Awakens or the last Harry Potter movie, films where major characters are likely to die and massive changes are bound to take place, but Ghostbusters is still a movie that features plenty of surprising events that fans might not want to hear about before going to the theater — well, some fans. After all if you're here, then it means that you want to know all the new Ghostbusters spoilers possible, and lucky for you, that's exactly what you're gonna get.

While personally, I'm not someone who enjoys knowing everything that happens in a movie before I see it in theaters, I do understand that there are plenty of people who don't want to be surprised, and so I've compiled the below list of spoilers from the new Ghostbusters. But make sure you're 100 percent ready before diving in — I'm not trying to be the person who's responsible for ruining a movie for you that you didn't actually want ruined. You sure you want to do this? OK, here we go — here are the 19 biggest spoilers from the new Ghostbusters reboot.

1. Erin And Abby Were Once Friends & Colleagues, But Drifted Apart

Erin (Kristen Wiig) and Abby (Melissa McCarthy) used to be BFFs who wrote a book about ghosts together, but as the years passed, Erin disassociated herself from her friend in order to become a respected science professor. Abby, meanwhile, continued to pursue ghosts, working with Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) in a lab.

2. Erin, Abby, & Holtzmann Form A Team

Once Erin gets a rude awakening (in the form of some serious slime) that ghosts are indeed real, she decides to join Abby and Holtzmann in capturing more spooky creatures.

3. Patty Joins After Encountering A Ghost In The Subway

Patty (Leslie Jones), an MTA employee, becomes a Ghostbuster after having a terrifying run-in with a ghost in the subway. She calls up the trio for help, and after they take down the ghost together, she decides that she wants in, too.

4. The Dim-Witted But Gorgeous Kevin Is Hired As Secretary

Chris Hemsworth kills it as Kevin, the well-meaning, attractive, and incredibly spacey secretary the Ghostbusters unwisely decide to hire.

5. Rowan Is The Bad Guy Trying To Unleash All The Ghosts

Audiences learn fairly early on that Rowan (Neil Casey) is a bad guy who wants to open a vortex and unleash ghosts to destroy the city, because he believes he's been unfairly wronged all his life and that he deserves to get revenge. He goes to ghost-prone locations and purposely causes mayhem.

6. There Are Lots Of Cameos & Throwbacks

All throughout the movie, there are plenty of cameos from original cast members like Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, as well as fun shout-outs to the first movies in the forms of iconic quotes and scenes.

7. The Ghostbusters Capture A Ghost After A Concert

When they're called into a concert where a ghost has gotten loose, the Ghostbusters take action and, after a battle, successfully capture the ghost.

8. The Government Doesn't Want The Public To Know Ghosts Are Real

Yet unfortunately, the government tells the Ghostbusters that they're going to pretend the ghost wasn't real and that the women are crazy, because otherwise, it'll cause mass hysteria.

9. Rowan Is Confronted & Kills Himself

When the Ghostbusters trace the increased ghost activity to Rowan, they arrive with the government and confront him, only to watch as he seemingly kills himself. They think that the threat is gone, but they do wonder if it felt a bit too simple.

10. Abby And Kevin Get Possessed

They're right. Later, Abby gets possessed for a brief time by the ghost of Rowan, and after Patty makes the ghost leave her, it latches onto Kevin, and gets away.

11. Rowan-As-Kevin Sets Off The Vortex, Ghosts Go Everywhere

Rowan-as-Kevin goes to his lab and sets off the vortex, causing countless ghosts from all different times in history to arrive in New York. Erin realizes what his plan is and tries to warn the government, but they won't hear of it, and her attempts to evacuate the city prove unsuccessful.

12. The Ghostbusters Fight The Ghosts In Times Square

The movie's big battle occurs in Times Square, where the Ghostbusters (including Erin) take on the many ghosts that've been unleashed. A few fun throwbacks to the original movies, like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, are included.

13. Rowan Leaves Kevin & Becomes A Giant Monster

Rowan chooses to leave Kevin's body and instead becomes a giant ghost monster, making the Ghostbusters' work a bit harder.

14. The Ghostbusters Cause Protonic Reversal

Overpowered and overwhelmed, the Ghostbusters try to come up with a way to defeat the ghosts for good, and they realize that by hitting nuclear material on top of their car, they can cause protonic reversal and get the vortex to close. They do just that, but Abby gets taken into the vortex by a ghost.

15. Erin Saves Abby & Their Hair Turns White

In a sweet display of friendship, Erin jumps into the vortex and saves Abby, and when the two manage to get out, the vortex closes. The only sign of their jump into it is their hair, which has turned a startling white.

16. Kevin Gets A Sandwich

The Ghostbusters are shocked to learn that Kevin, after being let go by Rowan and watching the fight go down, decided to get a sandwich. Typical Kevin.

17. The Ghostbusters Move Into The Firehouse

At the government's asking, the Ghostbusters agree to keep quiet about what's happened, but in return, they ask to move into the iconic firehouse from the original movies and use it as their new headquarters.

18. The Mid-Credits Scenes Are A Ton Of Fun

Ghostbusters' mid-credits sequence features a handful of fun, silly scenes with the cast, including Kevin dancing with police officers. It also introduces Holtzmann's mentor, hilariously played by Sigourney Weaver.

19. The Post-Credits Scene Hints At Zuul

In the final moment of the movie, Patty listens to a recording of paranormal activity and asks the others who Zuul is. Uh-oh.

Spoiled enough yet? Good. Now, go see Ghostbusters in theaters for yourself.

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