Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” With Emojis Proves There’s A Tiny Icon For Everything — VIDEO

Sometimes things happen in pop culture that you just know won't make any sense in the future. Imagine explaining to your kids how there was an Oscars where everyone retweeted the same photo. "What's a retweet?" they'll say. Or the Kardashians. "Wait, so one of these people was married to the guy Rolling Stone still won't stop talking about?" (Yes, print magazines still exist in this scenario.) Another instance of this is Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love" as an emoji music video. It really doesn't need to exist, but because people are currently both obsessed with Beyoncé (as they should be) and emojis (because they're cute), we get a music video that shows what tiny icon best represents Jay Z.

If this video proves anything, it's that there are emojis for everything and that some of them are pretty scandalous. It also makes great use of the smiley poop icon which is a convenient choice whenever Jay Z or Beyoncé say "shit." What I don't understand is why the creator of this fine piece of work didn't use the whole space. We know that it was possible as evidenced by the parts where pints of beer pop up all over the screen, but everything else is just small and in the middle. This is worth analyzing and I expect you'll find it similarly frustrating.

Beware if you're sensitive to flashing lights. The parts where Beyoncé belts out "Drunk in loooooove" go a little crazy.