How To Get More Stardust On "Pokemon Go"

If you've done the deed of downloading "Pokemon Go," then you already know that there's no turning back no matter how rough things get. But if you, like me, have been bullied out of your local gyms by ridiculously powerful Pokemon, you're probably also wondering how to get stardust on "Pokemon Go" and level up your Pokemon faster. Because seriously — waltzing into the 1050 CP Magneton in the gym next to my apartment building just gave "gymtimidation" an entirely new meaning.

If you're not sure what I mean by "stardust," no worries — we're all newbies here. When you click on a Pokemon you've caught, you'll see on the bottom of their stats that you have a certain level of purple stardust amassed. You can use this stardust to add CP to your Pokemon and make them more aggressive in battle, which helps you win gyms for your team. The trouble is, though, that nothing in this life is free, including CP — and once it runs out, you won't be able to level up any of your Pokemon. So how can you get more? Come closer, members of the Blue Team, and I will let you know the tricks of the trade (YELLOW AND RED, STEP OFF).

First off, the DL on where to look and check how much stardust you have. When you click to look at a specific Pokemon, there are stats underneath them, including your amount of stardust, how much stardust you need to evolve or level up a Pokemon, and the number of candies you have for that Pokemon.

As of right now, I have 3,272 stardust available to me. If I wanted to power up my Golbat (aka Burt Macklin), I'd need to user 1,000 of that stardust to do it. I'd also need to have a Zubat "candy" — which you can only collect by catching the Pokemon specific to that candy. Since I've caught enough Zubats to accumulate nine Zubat candies, and I have enough stardust in my little bank, I could level up if I wanted to. If I didn't have a candy or over 1,000 stardust, however, I could not.

So if you get more candies by capturing that type of Pokemon, how do you get more stardust? Well, turns out you can kill two Pidgeys with one stone, because you get stardust simply by catching more Pokemon. Every Pokemon you catch earns you another 100 stardust. Check the screenshot of right after I caught a Pokemon and you'll see the stardust that was added:

So keep on catching 'em all, and you'll steadily get more of that stardust in the bank. Once you level up your Pokemon enough that you feel like you can confidently assign a Pokemon to a gym, you can rack up another 500 stardust, at which point you can go to the store and collect your Defender Bonus prize. And then you can, like, rule the world or something. I'm not sure what the end game is here, guys. All I know is that Team Mystic is going to take Manhattan, other teams be damned.

Images: "Pokemon Go"; The WB