Calvin Sets Himself Apart From Taylor's Other Exes

Mark Wednesday, June 13 as the day that Calvin Harris did something none of Taylor Swift's exes have ever done: ruthlessly diss her. Maybe it's been bubbling up for quite some time, but Harris (real name: Adam Wiles) certainly let it explode Wednesday afternoon on social media, tweeting a barrage of messages about his ex, including accusing her of trying to "bury" him, bringing up those feud rumors about Katy Perry, and making swipes at her relationship with Tom Hiddleston. In short: Harris went the eff off, and it is a beyond rare reaction from a T. Swift ex.

In the wake of every one of Swift's high-profile breakups, if the famous ex in question had anything to say, it would be something relatively courteous. Harry Styles said Swift is "very good at what she does" in relation to her songwriting; Joe Jonas made a brief reference to her on a Jonas Brothers track (the two are now friends); Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor Kennedy said nothing. John Mayer came the closest when he told Rolling Stone that "Dear John," the Speak Now track about Swift's relationship with the singer-songwriter, was "cheap songwriting" and called it "bullsh*t." But no one had anything on what Harris had to say:

The rant, of course, could mean any variation of things. For one, it sounds like Harris is sick of the ~Taylor Swift PR machine~ and is expressing how he thinks things go down behind-the-scenes. Since he and Swift are no longer together, he no longer has any loyalty to her — which means that this series of tweets could be Harris just getting started. And yikes-o-rama at that.

Of course, there's also the notion that Harris is playing at the PR game for his own personal gain, keeping his name in the press by dragging hers. After all, with all this talk of "This Is What You Came For," people are undoubtedly searching the song on YouTube, downloading it on iTunes, and streaming it whenever they can. Curiosity = clicks.

And then there's the idea that this is the messiest breakup Swift has ever gone through, which could explain all the bitterness going on here. Is Harris feeling petty because T. Swift moved on so quickly and so seriously with Hiddleston? Or is he simply defending himself against the notion some fans may have that he was less involved with his track than he was? (Swift's rep confirmed to Bustle Wednesday morning that she has a writing credit on the song.)

Whatever the reason, it's clear that Harris isn't holding back his opinions. And no matter where you choose to side on the issue, it's still a little depressing to go from 15 months of loved-up #Tayvin to all the breakup tea Harris and Swift are now spilling. Stay thirsty, my friends.