The Secret Behind Gigi Hadid's Curls

When it comes to covetable curls, there's no doubt Gigi Hadid is on that list. Her hair is always so voluminous and bouncy, while still looking natural and not too done up or anything. It's somewhere between glam and beachy, so naturally, you probably want to know how to get Gigi Hadid's curls. Well, according to MTV News, the model may have just revealed the secret behind them, and it's probably something you aren't using.

You may think Hadid's hair is a result of round brushes, hair dryers, and curling irons (and it very well may be), but she's got another trick up her sleeve, and thanks to some new paparazzi photos, we know what it is. Hadid was photographed in New York City on her way to a photoshoot this week, and she was sporting a full head of velcro rollers. So that's how she gets all that volume.

Velcro rollers can curl hair on their own, but if you've already used heat (a hair dryer or a curling iron), they'll also help your hair set and make it more bouncy. So if your curls tend to fall flat immediately after you leave the house, you may want to try setting them first in rollers.

Secret's out! And she still manages to look super glam. Curious what her hair looked like after?

Bouncy, beautiful, and so natural.

If you want to get curls like Hadid's, here's what you need.

ConAir, $9, Amazon

Buy a set of large, velcro rollers. The larger, the more volume and less tight of a curl.

This tutorial will walk you through how to use velcro rollers to curl your hair.

But if you have shorter hair, try this one. You can still get that glam curl, even if you don't have all the length.