Photos Of Mike Pence And His Family

Update: On Friday via one simple tweet, Donald Trump confirmed Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is his vice presidential running mate.

Earlier: Although it will remain unconfirmed until the official announcement at 11 a.m. on July 15, several publications are reporting that Mike Pence will be Donald Trump’s running mate in the 2016 election. So, you’re probably interested in learning more about the potential vice presidential candidate, and these 11 photos of Mike Pence’s family give you a glimpse into his everyday life.

Pence is married and has three adult children. He currently serves as the governor of Indiana and his wife, First Lady of Indiana Karen Pence, is a teacher. His family has been involved with his political career ever since the very beginning. Bustle has reached out to Pence's family members for comment.

"Frankly, we've had a pretty normal childhood. We've seen some cool things in DC and now Indiana, but it's been pretty normal until the last six months," his son, Michael Pence, said to However, if Pence is in fact Trump’s choice for VP, the family will be in the spotlight more than ever before.

1. TBT

Here's Pence and his family in the early days.

2. Fourth Of July

Pence and his wife of course took part in the patriotic festivities.

3. Husband And Wife

In fact, it's common to see his wife by his side.

4. Family Man

He's a busy dad of three.

5. Halloween

Meet the First Lady Bug (get it?) and her cowboy.

6. Shout-Out To The Kids

Can't forget to thank the kids for being apart of the process!

7. Family Weekend

You've got to make time for family, even with political matters at hand.

8. First Pitch

Taking the fam out to the ball game!

9. All Grown Up

Even when you grow up, you can still spend time at the fair.

10. Father's Day

Being a father has got to outweigh any kind of political accomplishment, I'd imagine.

11. Remember The Moms

He's got his mom and wife to thank for his successes, too.