Does Mike Pence Have Children?

Update: On Friday via one simple tweet, Donald Trump confirmed Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is his Vice Presidential running mate.

Earlier: Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump may very well choose Mike Pence as his running mate, Reuters reported. And as we wait for the Friday morning decision, the world is full of anticipation, as well as many, many questions. Personally, I'm wondering if Mike Pence has children. (Because hey, I like to know little fun facts like that.)

Well, as it turns out, Pence is quite the family man. According to his website, Pence and his wife, First Lady Karen Pence, recently celebrated 31 years of marriage. (That's pretty impressive!) And yes, they have three adult children: Michael, Charlotte, and Audrey. As stated on a local Indiana news website,, his children have been in the public eye for more than half their lives, following their father from campaign stop to campaign stop during his years as a congressman. Bustle has reached out to the Pence family for comment.

"This has always been a family affair for us, from the very first campaign headed out to county fairs, while Karen and I would be shaking hands at the Republican tent, the kids would be standing out in front of the tent, handing out flyers and shaking hands," Pence was quoting as saying, according to Brendan Morrow on

Pence's oldest child, Michael, attended Purdue University. After graduating he joined the Marines and went on to become a a second lieutenant, according to

Charlotte, the middle child, studied digital cinema and English at DePaul University, and graduated this year. While still in school, she created several documentaries, and even wrote essays for websites like

And as for Audrey, the youngest daughter? Well, she's the more liberal one in the family. "Politically, she said she is independent and voted split-ticket during the first election in which she could participate," Morrow noted. But apparently this doesn't bother Pence. Apparently, he is glad his daughter was able to form her own beliefs. (Good for him!)

It seems, despite their dad's busy political career, that all of the kids have managed to create their own lives. On, Michael was quoted as saying, "Frankly, we've had a pretty normal childhood."

It's nice to hear that the family is able to stay relatively grounded. They will definitely need that level-headedness should their dad head off to the White House.

Bustle has reached out to Michael Pence, Charlotte Pence, and Audrey Pence for comment, but has yet to hear back.