12 Will & Carlton Adventures That Could Only Happen On 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'

There are numerous ways that The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air has managed to continue to make a lasting impression with audiences over time. It had a lot of heart with more than enough Fresh Prince Of Bel Air episodes to make you cry, but that doesn't mean that it didn't also consistently give you a bad case of the giggles each and every time you watched an episode. A lot of that has to do with the dynamics of Will and Carlton's friendship in the Fresh Prince. As they had completely opposing personalities to one another, it felt in the early days of the show that the cousins may never actually get along. But they did, and their friendship became one of the greatest aspects of the show. The fact that they were so different from each other also meant they ended up in some ridiculous situations together, too, often leading one another into trouble. So many of Will and Carlton's adventures on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air are events which could only ever happen on the show, and they also make up some of the very best Fresh Prince moments ever.

Will and Carlton would often find themselves in precarious situations, completely stranded and hopeless or trying to prove something which ultimately, made them look awful. But that also gave us the sweet rewards of some of the best comedy moments on the show as we watched the two characters screaming in panic, running around in hysterics or dancing as a means to fix a mistake. For real, most of the below adventures could only happen to Carlton and Will.

1. The Double Date That Went Horribly Wrong

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When the boyfriend of your date just happens to show up and catches you in his apartment in your undies, don't take Will and Carlton's approach of escape. Convincing the guy that he's simply having a bad dream or that you're actually a pair of strip-o-grams for his birthday are not sane (or effective) modes of action.

2. When They Entered A Dance Competition To Pay Back A Gambling Debt

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The rest of us would likely just wind up washing dishes in a Vegas kitchen for all eternity whilst we tried to recoup some embarrassing gambling losses, but then again, we don't have the moves of such exceptional dancers like Will and Carlton.

3. And When They Became Strippers To Recoup Some Additional Losses

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I'm sensing a pattern here.

4. That Time They GoT Stranded On Top Of A Mountain

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Not only is getting snowed in and stuck atop a mountain a scary scenario that few of us will likely endure in our lifetimes, but few of us would likely be able to escape said scenario by just skiing our way out of it, either.

5. When They Literally Raced For The Affections Of A Girl

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Racing through a mall? Seriously, you guys? Will and Carlton really needed to be made aware that a simple wooing in the form of some flowers, compliments and a box of chocolates are all a person needs to have his or her affections won.

6. When Will Wagered That Carlton Wouldn't Last A Weekend In Compton

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And of course, Carlton took that wager pretty seriously and attempted to give himself a makeover whilst integrating himself in "The Hood." The best part of that adventure? Carlton actually enjoyed some success with it (despite the fact that, as Will pointed out, he actually looked like a pirate).

7. That Time They Followed William Shatner To The Dentist

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Whilst the rest of us just have to make do with briefly meeting the legend of Shatner at Comic-Con meet and greets or by shrieking whenever he likes one of our tweets, Will and Carlton got to enjoy an entire Shatner adventure of their very own making. They dropped into the iconic star's dentist appointment and got to engage in some laughing gas-influenced hysterics and legendary Star Trek impressions with the man himself. Still totally jealous.

8. When They Appeared On A Game Show Together Against Jazz & Ty

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Sometimes it's bad enough simply playing Trivial Pursuit against your friends without it getting heated and uncomfortably competitive, but appearing on a televised TV show? Oh boy. It went off.

9. That Time They Defended Themselves In Court Against Uncle Phil

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After Will and Carlton threw a pool party which got a little out of hand, Uncle Phil took the two to court, not expecting them to turn up and actually defend themselves. I've definitely watched enough episodes of The Good Wife by now to think I know plenty about legal representation, so I totally understand where they were coming from with that, but Uncle Phil could be scary when he was angry. Even Alicia Florrick would recoil in terror against him, so how Will and Carlton managed it, I'll never know.

10. When They Tried To One-Up Each Other In The Pranks Stakes

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When a prank on Will originally suggested by Carlton went horribly wrong, Will decided to turn the tables on his cousin by upping the stakes and pranking him so hard that Carlton ended up breaking the fourth wall and running around the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air set in shrieking hysterics.

11. And When Their Prank On Geoffrey Went Way Too Far

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To be labeled under the adventures sub-directory of: when hilarious hi-jinx go horribly wrong. Will and Carlton convinced Geoffrey that he won millions of dollars in the lottery and proceeded to break his world by informing him that, heh, it was all just an hilarious prank. As expected, the news did not get taken well.

12. When They Got Mistaken For Criminals And Thrown In Jail

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Going to jail isn't an adventure in the slightest bit, and this particular episode is actually an important representation of systemic racism in action. However, only Will and Carlton could possibly be thrown into the one prison cell with the all-singing-all-dancing street thug residing in it. Who knew that musical theater had such a big following in the criminal community?

All dance competitions and weird Shatner hang-outs aside, I'm actually kind of glad that none of these adventures would ever happen in my real life. Having said that, though, I'll gladly re-watch them happening to Will and Carlton time and time again.

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