Shop Illuminate By Ashley Highlighters & Bronzers

Just days ago she teased that even more goodies from her makeup line with BH Cosmetics would be headed our way “very soon.” Now, they’re here, so she really wasn’t kidding about their quick arrival. Find out where to buy Ashley Tisdale’s Illuminate highlighters and bronzers so you can get your glow on so hard for the rest of the summer season.

The Illuminating Shimmer powders come in two different shades and are meant to get your body and face glistening. Meanwhile, the Body Bronzers will give you an instant tan and deepen gradually over time. So, you can look like you’ve been to the beach all summer long (even though you’ve really been stuck in that office). Hey, a girl’s gotta work, but that doesn’t mean your golden goddess factor has to suffer. I guess you really can have it all!

Both products are available to shop on the Illuminate cosmetics website. The shimmer powders are going for $9, while the bronzing lotions retail for $19. When it comes to making your skin truly radiant, these babies won’t disappoint. Go on and get the perfect summer beauty look (without all of the tanning time).

Now that these products are here, you're that much closer to achieving the beach-y vibe you've been longing for.

You might as well have been laying out on a beach somewhere all summer long. No one will know the difference with these in your makeup bag.

Highlighters this good are bound to make your whole body shimmer!

They've got her skin just BEAM-ing.

Illuminating Shimmer, $9, Illuminate Cosmetics

With shades such as "Beach Bum" and "Shimmering Sand," all you'll need to complete your tropical look is a coconut drink in your hand.

Body Bronzer, $19, Illuminate Cosmetics

This tinted lotion even comes with a grapefruit scent. Seriously, Tisdale's thought of everything with these, you guys.

Add these to your summer beauty routine, stat. Your skin will thank you for it!

Images: illuminatecosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy Illuminate Cosmetics (2)